The Sun Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Digging deep to uncover an explanation behind the Sun, it must be understood what it predicts in familiar facets of your existence.

What Does The Sun Tarot Card Mean?

The Sun Tarot card meaning illuminates both big and small sentiments, radiating its brilliance on undetected items.

The Sun Tarot Keywords

The Sun Tarot card upright keywords: joyous, existence, satisfaction, & glee.

The Sun Upright Meaning

A reminder of good fortune, the Sun warms hearts and minds.
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The Sun upright meaning provides capability & viability for those who receive it. Let these rays penetrate deep for full power.

Upright Health

The Sun upright health meaning releases built-up tension. Mental & physical wellness are evening out while recovery is happening. Wellness is vibrant!

Upright Love

The upright love meaning signifies joyousness with a lover or significant other. The Sun illuminates deeply seeded intimacy or glints towards a newly developed romantic interest! Whatever it is, favorable connections ought to come your way.

Upright Money & Career

The Sun upright money and career meaning encourage remaining steady and following steps already taken. Success isn't far behind since a current occupation is fitting your lifestyle rather perfectly. There is no room for demeaning or ruthless bosses or coworkers. You are on a hot streak!

The Sun Reversed Meaning

The Sun sinks into the horizon much like a reversal can show shrinking self-trust.
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The Sun reversed flips a coin. Self-trust has been depleted, but another path can always be made.

Reversed Health

The health Tarot card reversed meaning reminds its users to embark on required missions toward healing & recovery. Progress hasn't found its foothold, but consistency is undoubtedly the winning force.

Reversed Love

The Sun reversed love interpretation steals a glance at the true feelings under the surface. Feeling distant or off-putting vibes from those closest to you? The rays indicate a conversation imperative to protect the future or beginning of a romantic connection.

Reversed Money & Career

The Sun reversed money and career meaning asks how your place of employment is doing at fulfilling hopes and ideals? Lacklusterness or discouragement could be creating barriers to reaching the opportunities to get out of a rut. 

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