How Old Is Your Soul?

By Nataly Porter Aug 14, 2020
You can be young, old, or middle-aged now. However, your soul is of a particular age, too, and it can be very different from your real age. So, how old are you? Find your sign below to get the answer!


Young kids

Aries people possess young souls. Being the first sign of the zodiac, they need to be the first in every single thing they do, too. Dear Aries, it’s nor a hard task for you at all. On the contrary, you enjoy this “me first” attitude and this is what makes the inner you so young. You love adventures and eagerly explore every new destination you visit, which makes your soul even younger. Your eyes shine bright every time you see something that genuinely surprises you. 


Although Taurus is not so young as Aries, this sign still can’t be called mature. As Taureans belong to the Earth signs, the things that they appreciate most in their lives include stability and security. On the other hand, they are eager to explore their personalities and want to learn the answers to the biggest questions life provides them with. Your soul, dear Taurus, is a young adolescent. Although you can’t always cope with a situation as a mature person, you willingly discover new facts about the world around you proving your soul is younger than those of other signs.



Gemini people possess teenage souls. They have a hunger inside and it rules many sides of their lives. Your emotional state changes from ecstatic to gloomy but that’s normal for young souls. You often have to deal with your inner tumult and face numerous ups and downs on your way to happiness. However, despite all the challenges your life sends you, exploring the world around remains one of your major goals. This proves that your soul is very far from becoming numb. 


Dear Cancer, your soul is teenage young although a bit older than that of Gemini. Although Cancer people are known as caring zodiac reps, it doesn’t mean they are old parents. You know what you want in your life and care for your friends and close people even if you can’t solve their problems easily. You give more attention to the future than you do to the present and this is what makes your soul a bit older than it could be.


Young people

Despite the fact Leo people want to remain in the center of everybody’s attention and work hard to achieve this aim, they still make sure they have enough time for having fun. At the current stage of your life, you already know who you are and what you need; on the other hand, you keep sticking to your youth. Your soul is in its early 20s, a very contradictory period. On one hand, you want to be seen as a grown-up; on the other hand, you don’t want to be a “true” adult and are sometimes lost in your adolescence. 


Dear Virgo, your soul is in its late 20s – the time when people normally start thinking about their future. At this time, their decisions are aimed at bringing them profit in the long term and so is your general attitude to life. You don’t want to look immature nor do you express any wish to communicate with such people. You want others to take you seriously. When you’re not busy trying to change the world for the better or plan your future, you’re more attentive to your soul asking it what you should focus on now. Virgo people are frequently attracted to those older than they are because they perceive them as teachers able to show Virgo what life is. 


30-year old people

The souls of Libra people are about 30 years old. On the one hand, they often behave like grown-ups. On the other hand, they wish they could be more grown-up sometimes. This is so like real 30+ people! They often feel that they have learned to deal with their life but still behave so childish sometimes. What helps Libra people remain as young as they want to is their wish to learn new things and enjoy the simple moments of life. Despite the fact their soul is 30, they want to get the most out of their young lives. Dear Libra, don’t try to join a group of a certain age. You can enjoy all of them at once! 


One important thing that makes one’s soul older is its ability to see the big picture of life. It’s surely a hard task as the majority of people stick to things that will be of no importance in a year or even sooner. The age of your soul is 40+ which makes you more mature than the majority of zodiac signs. However, you still frequently find yourself in meaningless conversations or stupid arguments. On the other hand, dear Scorpio, there is at least one fact that proves your soul is pretty old – you still want to become a better version of yourself. 


Middle-aged people

The soul of a Sag is middle-aged but can in no way be considered old. You love philosophic conversations and are eager to grow up as a person. On the other hand, deep in your heart you’re still young and can turn almost everything into a joke. This makes your soul a pretty young one! Sometimes you feel much older than your friends but there are also times when you feel like a small child. As your soul is in the middle of an average life, you easily get in touch with both young and old ones. 


The soul of Capricorn just can’t be young as these guys are the most hardworking zodiac reps. It’s in its 60s to 80s. Dear Cap, common mistakes of young people like adding too much drama to their lives are something you’ll never face. Now, becoming a leader and a role model for those who need you is your primary aim. You know it well that life is too short for worrying about things that don’t matter. You’ve gone through so much that now you want to simply have a rest and enjoy what you have now.


Old lady

Aquarians have very old souls, about 90 or even 100 years old! It may not always be very clear but you’ve experienced a lot in a very short time. For you, growth and the obstacles you have to face are a part of your personality, just like achievements and successes. They all form the legacy you’d be glad to leave behind. Another feature of your old soul is your firm belief that there is much more in our life than the things we see and feel on Earth. Not everybody can understand your wisdom but here’s the price for having such an old and wise soul!


Dear Pisces, your soul is the oldest one among all zodiac signs! Being the last sign, you’re the opposite to Aries whose soul is the youngest one. Has it ever felt hard to be understood by others? That’s because your soul is so old and wise that hardly anyone can comprehend what you’re talking about. On the other hand, you neither want nor need others to understand or support you because you’re smart enough to be happy as you are. The spiritual side of your personality is no less important for you than mental and physical ones. People look up to you even if you don’t notice it! 

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