The Moon Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Additionally, the Moon casts its luminescence upon that which creates agitation. What is in the past that barricades you from the success you deserve?

What Does The Moon Tarot Card Mean?

What does the Moon Tarot card mean? Not as weary as one would think, this symbol requires you to think about the alternate sides to a story that we don't always see.

The Moon Tarot Keywords

The Moon Tarot card keywords: confliction, mirage, worries, apprehension, & subliminal.

The Moon Upright Meaning

Walls have been built, casting shadowy misconceptions on seemingly truthful situations.
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In Tarot the Moon upright meaning interprets instances as part truthful while hiding something. Carefully investigate things actually taking place.

Upright Health

The upright health interpretation suggests what many have said before: if your intuition is screaming, don't ignore it! Feeling "off" or funky? Get it checked out. Fuel your body in a way that gives it the momentum to prevail.

Upright Love

The upright love meanings aim to encourage transitioning into your own secret detective. Uncover that which is floating beneath the surface, including your own thoughts and other people's. Evaluate personal biases essential for moving forward.

Upright Money & Career

The Moon upright money and career meaning elicit a caution of confliction & deceit. Thanks to option paralysis, determining future occupations and what career is the optimal choice is turning into a difficult process. Always follow what truly guides you, and it will all work out!

The Moon Reversed Meaning

Bodies and souls relish in periods of rest & increased health.
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The Moon Tarot card reversed designates a time for growth & regaining confidence. Steadiness and harmony are prominent.

Reversed Health

The reversed health interpretations imply that your cognitive and physical beings are in states of homeostasis and are balancing. The raging sea subsides as remedies to health problems will be received.

Reversed Love

The Moon reversed love meaning heightens awareness. The truthfulness of matters is eventually realized as misconceptions are dispelled. Whether this means a deceitful lie was proved false, or someone trusted shattered all sense of reality with their true personality, anticipate a new awareness of the weight of this reality.

Reversed Money & Career

The Moon reversed money and career meaning proposes that employment is slowly moving along, but an overall sensation of discontent and lack of purpose resides in your heart. From these realizations, monetary worries will no longer occupy your mind as they become sound & stable.

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