The Hierophant Card Meaning: Major Arcana

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Sometimes it's important to remember your roots. The Hierophant helps you explore spirituality through learning about the history of your practices. 

What Does the Hierophant Tarot Card Mean?

What does the Hierophant Tarot card mean? The chief priest, reminds you to find value in methods and lessons others have explored in the past. You can turn to those who have previously accomplished goals similar to yours and ask them for assistance and mentoring.

The Hierophant Tarot Keywords

The Hierophant Tarot keywords are as follows:

  • Tradition
  • Learning
  • Mentorship
  • Masters/Gurus/Teachers
  • Values

The Hierophant Upright Meaning

The Hierophant upright meaning asks you to look into more orthodox values. He can presage working with a guardian or an advisor of the psychic domain to acquire a firmer grasp of these concepts.

Upright Health

Pulling the Hierophant upright in a health reading means that you might have to try to return to the basics in your habits. Seeking out the advice of an expert and working with them to implement a strategy is encouraged.

Upright Love

The Hierophant upright in a love reading means you prefer a customary partnership. You may take on the traditionally masculine and feminine roles with your significant other. You don’t require too much excitement and want to settle into a calm and cozy lifetime with someone.

Upright Money and Career

The upright meaning of the Hierophant in a money reading indicates seeking out mentorship in your chosen career field. It could also mean you’re taking on a teaching role to help elevate other people to success.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning

The Hierophant Tarot card reversed meaning emphasizes your being restricted in your endeavors to reach your goals. You crave autonomy and verve to do as you please.

Reversed Health

The Hierophant reversed health meaning is a call to shake up your wellness routine. Prioritize carving out time to figure out what isn’t working and determine if you can try something new. Alternative medicines may be helpful on your journey toward healing.

Reversed Love

Pulling the Hierophant reversed in a love reading means that you can take a non-standard journey toward a happy romance. You may find yourself attracted to a person with unique and interesting attributes.

Reversed Money and Career

The Hierophant reversed in a career reading means that you want to take some risks in your work. You might want to start a new job or research new investments. Playing by the rules sounds boring, and you want to explore different money-making opportunities.

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