The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning: Major Arcana

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In a reading, the Emperor helps you explore the sacred manly energy that supports you in reaching your goals.

The Emperor helps you achieve your goals through strength and determination.

What Does the Emperor Tarot Card Mean?

What does the Emperor Tarot card mean? He stands for the manly energy and drive that we all have within us. The Empress helps us dream up our plans and the Emperor encourages us to put them into action.

The Emperor Tarot Keywords

The Emperor Tarot card keywords include the following:

  • Divine masculine
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Father figure
  • Discipline

The Emperor Upright Meaning

The Emperor upright Tarot meaning appeals to the power and passion it takes to reach your desires. He shows us where we can harness our inner strength to create our highest reality.

Upright Health

The Emperor upright health meaning is the following: you’re physically strong and full of vitality. You have the self-restraint and willpower to reach your health goals. It’s time to take an active approach to your physical wellbeing and nutrition, not allowing your emotions to cause you to slack off.

Upright Love

The Emperor upright love meaning proclaims that you may attract someone older or more mature into your romantic life. It can also speak to taking on more traditional roles in romance and family life and finding someone who aligns with your values.

Upright Money and Career

When you pull the Emperor upright in a career reading, it means that the time is ripe for you to organize your work better and make it more balanced. If you can harness discipline, you’ll find the success you’re looking for. Additionally, you may be asked to step into a position of influence.

The Emperor Reversed Meaning

The Emperor reversed shows you where you’re behaving in a bossy manner or unnecessarily domineering. When you pull this card, you may be feeling ungrounded or unable to concentrate.

Reversed Health

The Emperor reversed health meaning is that you might be too intense in your daily routine or structure. Remember that balance is key, and rest is essential to overall achievement.

Reversed Love

The meaning of the Emperor reversed in a love reading speaks to fighting with your significant other to have the upper hand. Either of you may be acting too overbearing, trying to take the driver's seat in the relatioship. This can lead to issues dealing with lack of trust or feeling stifled.

Reversed Money and Career

You might realize that your employement conditions are holding you back creatively. You need more focused attention and self-restraint to accomplish your tasks; insufficient focus hinders your success. This can also speak to someone in a senior position being tyrannical.

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