Worst Enemy of Your Zodiac Sign

By Nataly Porter Jan 08, 2024
In a world of unicorns and rainbows, everybody loves their close (and not so close) ones and has no enemies at all. In real life, though, we often meet people we dislike or even hate and consider our enemies. Have you ever thought that the way you treat this or that person can depend on his or her zodiac sign? Let’s see which sign could be your enemy!


Worst enemy – Cancer.


As Aries is a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign, these two zodiac representatives don’t get along well. Aries natives are highly independent and don’t want others to push them. Cancerians, in their turn, can behave as needy people who want to stay as close to their Aries friends as possible and don’t let them breathe freely and deeply. Sometimes Cancer reps are too sensitive to Aries and it can lead to a situation in which rams just won’t be able to stand their behavior. Besides, these two signs can even be dangerous to one another – the watery nature of a Cancer can cool the fiery temperament of an Aries down. On the other hand, hot-headed Aries people can turn up the heat and destroy soft-hearted crabs easily. 

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Worst enemy – Aries.

In some cases, similarities do well together; in other cases, they act like magnets and repel each other. This is what happens when Taurus and Aries reps meet – they’re both stubborn which makes it hard for them to get along. These people don’t want to take the blame that’s why their arguments may stay unresolved for a long period. Moreover, Aries natives seldom admit they’ve made a mistake and Taureans never hesitate about reminding Aries guys of their errors. Even the fact that both creatures representing the signs have horns is important – they tend to butt heads and almost for sure will have a conflict sooner or later. 

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Worst enemy – Virgo.


Despite the fact both Gemini and Virgo follow Mercury – a planet of communication – it’s hard to imagine more different signs. Gemini representatives are free spirits who like things to be spontaneous; on the other hand, Virgo guys love it when everything is stable. Their everyday routine is a very important part of their life. As you can see, it’s hard for such types of personalites not to clash. When communicating, Gemini guys feel and behave like children while Virgo guys take the role of parents who demand a lot and criticize Gemini a lot, too. What’s more, both of these signs are bad at expressing their feeling and emotions which means some serious arguments between them can remain unresolved. Geminis can stay bitter to their Virgo mates for long.


Worst enemy – Sagittarius.

Cancerians are delicate and focused which makes it so easy for Sagittarius to hurt them and their feelings. Sags are normally open and blunt and don’t think a lot before being too open to Cancerians. As a result, poor Cancer natives suffer because of the unintentional rudeness of Sagittarius. These signs can try to change each other as none of them will compromise. Communication problems may lead to a situation when a Cancer will start hating a Sag – on the other hand, Sags don’t behave in the same way and move on easily. During their communication, Cancer will stay offended waiting for the archer to realize to feel the same bitterness the Cancer feels.

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Worst enemy – Pisces.


Lions are full of pride and love to stay in the spotlight. Romantic Pisces, in their turn, are typically sensitive and are afraid of attention. The huge differences between these personalities can make a Leo person involuntary hurt the feelings of a Pisces person. Besides, Leos don’t like the passiveness of Pisces guys and are not afraid to express it. Pisces like to spend time daydreaming which irritates Lion personalities. Eventually, this irritation can turn into aggression and even hatred. These two sings would better stay away from each other.


Worst enemy – Aquarius.

Virgos are normally smart people with good analytical skills. Unlike other impulsive signs, they think with their heads, not their hearts, and often find Aquarius natives unreliable and unreasonable. Despite the fact Aquarians are intelligent, too, it’s still hard for them to deal with such scheming personalities as Virgo representatives. In fact, these signs are almost never seen spending time together. However, when they do it results in Virgos overlooking and even hating Aquarians. These two types of personalities find it hard to have many things in common and prefer not to stay together for too long.

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Worst enemy – Scorpio.


It’s hard to find a sign a social Libra can’t get along with. Scorpio is probably the only sign that adds too much drama to the life of a Libra. Libras are forgiving and diplomatic, they need balance and kindness to be the center of their life. Scorpios, in their turn, can become enemies to Libras because harmony and balance are not things they can boast of. Even if everything goes just right in the relationship between these two signs, Scorpios can react strangely. Paranoia is not a rare phenomenon for a Scorpio native as they’re sure something is wrong and may lead to problems. While drama is too much for a Libra, it’s a thing a Scorpio can’t do without.


Worst enemy – Leo.

Just like in the case with the water and fire signs Aries and Cancer, Scorpio and Leo are too similar to become good friends. The two signs are strong-willed and proud of themselves and, being extremely stubborn, may find it difficult to avoid clashes and quarrels. They both like to dominate and believe that making a compromise isn’t a thing they need. Despite the fact Scorpio and Leo reps may feel attracted to each other at first glance, they’re both rather inflexible which can lead to heated arguments between the signs. Scorpio guys are very emotionally intense and may dislike Leos for their inability to support the emotional bond between them.


Worst enemy – Taurus.


These signs are just too different and that’s the reason they find it hard to build deep bonds. For Sagittarius, freedom is more important than anything else and they won’t let anyone or anything stop them or prevent them from doing what they want and like to. Taureans are about stability as they belong to an Earth sign; it means they can behave in an overly possessive way towards Sags, no matter is the relationship between them is romantic or friendly. Sagittarians, in their turn, don’t appreciate this consistency and consider it a trap, not a sign of care. In most cases, they just won’t want to have anything in common with Taureans.


Worst enemy – Libra.

Libra people are highly social and make fun a very important part of their life. Capricorns, in their turn, are highly focused and consider work the most important part of their life. Caps think that climbing the career ladder will lead them to something really important. On the other hand, Libra guys are occupied with social events and for a Cap, it’s hard to accept this way of life. For Capricorns, Libras can seem annoying and immature; their indecisiveness can easily drive calm goats crazy. Capricorns may find it too hard to have a common language with a-bit-too-social Libra and should find somebody else to spend their free time with.


Worst enemy – Capricorn.


They are just too different – creative and bright Aquarians and down-to-earth, sturdy, hard-working and stubborn Capricorns. From attitude to money (saving Caps and quickly spending Aquarians) to the general maturity level (for Aquarius natives it’s sometimes too hard to understand the thought process of a Capricorn guy) – these two signs have much less in common than one could imagine. Those born under Capricorn often find it hard to get emotionally attached which causes the feeling of jealousy in loyal Aquarius guys. Capricorns keep rejecting Aquarians in various ways which makes the latter guys grow resentful as time passes.

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Worst enemy – Gemini.

The energy of outspoken Gemini natives is sometimes too fierce for sensitive and romantic Pisces natives. For a Pisces person, it can even be too hard to communicate with a representative of the twin sign as they may be afraid of the latter. Geminis do their best to get Pisceans out of their closed shells but it makes the water sign feel even more uncomfortable. The more a Gemini guy tries to break the wall between a Pisces person and the real world the more irritated the latter becomes and the less they want to have anything in common. Gemini wants to help Pisces while for them such gestures are highly unpleasant.

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