The Empress Tarot Card Meaning: The Major Arcana

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The Empress is a beautiful abundant card that reminds you of your inner divine creative spark. She appears when you're ready to create something new and share it with the world!

The Empress is a card that helps you connect to your divine feminine energies.

What does the Empress Tarot Card Mean?

What does the Empress card mean in Tarot? She’s one of the most divine cards, showing you the sources of your secret strength and ingenuous ideas.

The Empress Tarot Keywords

The Empress Tarot Card upright keywords include the following:

  • Secret womanly principle
  • Sustenance
  • Motherly Energy
  • Ingenuity
  • Profusion

The Empress Upright Meaning

Wonderfully divine and warmhearted, the Empress is the inner womanly nature that everyone has within them. She appears when you’re ready to welcome profusion in innovational ways. The Empress upright meaning inspires magical and inspirational vibes.

Upright Health

In a health reading, the Empress upright health meaning encourages you to use your emotions as a guide toward balance and healing. You’re being called to nurture yourself and your body. Engage in caring for yourself as a divine ritual.

Upright Love

The Empress upright love meaning is that your partner is loving, attentive, and supportive. If you’re not in a relationship, the Empress lets you know you’re prepared for and deserving of this kind of coupling.

Upright Money and Career

When pulling the Empress upright in a money and career reading, she’s letting you know that the plenitude you desire is on its way to you. Inventive designs and collaborations may bring you success. Additionally, you’ll find harmony with your co-workers in a supportive work environment.

The Empress Reversed Meaning

The Empress reversed Tarot meaning underlines feelings of insecurity and feeling blocked creatively. Instead of accessing your inner power, you depend on those around you to solve your problems.

Reversed Health

The Empress tarot card in a health reading signals that you’re not listening to your own physical signals. It might be high time you slowed down and showed some love towards yourself. You might experience injury or sickness if you push yourself too far.

Reversed Love

The meaning of the Empress reversed in a love reading might be calling attention to jealousy or lack of support in love. If you’re single, you may not be ready to welcome someone new until you work on healing your heart.

Reversed Money and Career

When reading about your work, the Empress reversed career meaning lets you know that even though you have enough, you’re approaching your work with a mentality of lack. You are unable to see the profusion that’s all around you.

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