Zodiac Signs You Should Never Date

By Nataly Porter Aug 20, 2020
We believe you already know signs you’re compatible with. What about those you can’t (and don’t have to) stand? Knowing this can be even more useful than knowing your perfect match because it will save you so much time! You won’t waste precious moments of your life on someone who will never be able to make you happy. Ready to meet your anti-hero?


Dear Aries, the two signs you should never date are Cancer and Capricorn. Aries people are very impulsive whereas Cancer natives are protective and reserved. Interacting with your Cancer partner, you might find it hard to live according to their rules and remain peaceful during the majority of the time. The hardest task will be to find a proper balance between spontaneous Aries and calm Cancer. Speaking about Capricorn, this sign is no less ambitious and stubborn than Aries. Your relationship can work in two ways – you will either motivate each other or compete ruining the connection between you.


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Dear Taurus, the signs you’d better not build love relationships with are Leo and Capricorn. Taureans want to move slowly but steadily and the fiery energy of Leo people can just be too much for them. The thing that they lack in their connection is the basic understanding of each other and this is something you will find very hard to put up with. As for Caps, it can be pretty hard for you to live under their disciplined attitude. You want to behave in your way and often fail to understand each other’s motives. Besides, you are both rather stubborn which can sooner or later lead to frustration.


Dear Gemini, please don’t waste your time trying to build a relationship with Leo and Pisces. Speaking about Gemini, you have so different life approaches that you’ll face too much friction in your everyday life. You will not be able to trust the motives of each other and will only make each other suffer. As for Pisces, such a connection can be all or nothing. Pisces is a very romantic and dreamy sign and Gemini, on the contrary, is a highly logical one. If you don’t fall in love with your Pisces partner at once, probably breaking this relationship before it’s gone too far is the best decision.


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Dear Cancer, it seems the friendliest sign of the zodiac has the biggest number of signs it can’t build happy relationships with! In your case, these are Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. 

As we have already stated in our Aries section, people of this sign are too impatient and emotionally explosive to live a happy life with calm and peaceful Cancerians. You can try it, of course, but only if you belong to the sign reps who want to speed up their lives at least a bit. If you are planning to date another Cancer, think twice. Emotions roaring in the two of you can backfire one day and lead to excessive anxiety in your relationship. As for Capricorn, this sign is normally less affectionate than Cancer and it may be hard for you to find the proper ways to show your love to each other.  


Dear Leo, you should stay away from Taurus and Scorpio and never try to build happy relationships with these signs. Taureans are normally slow and calm personalities while Leo natives are the brightest zodiac reps who want all the attention of the world on them. It can be hard for Taurus to give you all this attention and it will be equally hard for you to experience the lack of attention from your dearest person. 

The situation is similar when we speak about a Leo-Scorpio couple. Scorpio natives want their partners to be loyal and devoted. In its turn, Leo will always hog the blanket, which will eventually lead to numerous trust issues.  


Dear Virgo, the signs that you should avoid dating are Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Let’s start with Virgo, what can be wrong with your sign? The thing is, you have lots of positive traits; however, your negative traits are so strong that you will hardly be able to put up with each other’s drawbacks.

As for Sag, this sign is so featherbrained that logical Virgos will find it too hard to trust them. You will always doubt their true feelings and suffer because of it. Pisces, in its turn, is a very dreamy sign. While Virgo natives want their life to be rational and appreciate order more than anything else, Pisces people possess a flighty nature and will always leave you frustrated. 


Dear Libra, there are 3 signs you’re hardly compatible with – Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Let’s start with Gemini – an air sign with which you have so much in common. However, this is not a blessing for your couple – on the contrary, the airy sentiment of each other will irritate you both. You need someone of a different personality to feel happy. 

Libra natives can be described as indecisive people-pleasers. When they form a couple, they find it pretty hard to move forward in their relationships because they start gaining the favor of each other and are soon both tired of this game. 

As for Sagittarius, this sign loves freedom while you want your relationship to be close. You can demand too much from this sign and you both will sooner or later be disappointed in your relationship. 


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The signs Scorpio had better stay away from when it comes to forming a love relationship are Aries and Leo. As Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, the connection between the signs is very intense. The worst-case scenario is a severe collision that would harm both signs. 

As for Leo, this sign is like the Sun of the zodiac whereas Scorpio is the master of the underworld. Scorpio natives demand loyalty and privacy in their relationships while Leo guys want everybody else to look at them and praise them. For a Scorpio, this can be almost unbearable and will surely prevent the couple from building a healthy relationship.  


Dear Sagittarius, you will hardly create a long and happy connection with Taurus and Cancer. Sags are people with a free spirit while for Taurus a happy relationship is impossible without devotion and loyalty. For a Sagittarius native, the comfort zone of their Taurus partner is too small and they feel constantly tied to one person. 

When it comes to Cancer, the relationship is, at first sight, possible as both signs can love others. However, it’s hard for them to love each other at the same time and in the same way. For Cancer, security is the core of a relationship. For a Sag, evolving is an essential part of life and a peaceful and quiet family life with Cancer could be too boring. 


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Dear Cap, you will most probably find it very hard to make Aries or Leo your lifelong partner. As for Aries, this sign is just as stubborn as you are which can be pretty annoying when it comes to you as a couple. You both would like to control your relationship and it would eventually lead to significant friction. If you need a challenge, do it! But if you want a calm a stable relationship, you’d better avoid starting it with Aries.

As for Leo, you would want your life partner to be focused and driven. It’s hardly true about bright and attention-craving Leo who will constantly test your patience. Capricorn is too conservative for this sign and you’ll soon realize that you just hold each other back. 


Dear Aquarius, you boldly look into the future waiting for changes and ready to accept them. Taurus and Cancer are not like you and won’t become your ideal partners. Taurus people are grounded and resist changes that will sooner or later become rather frustrating for both partners. As for Cancer, you two are just too different from each other to make a happy couple. For a short period, your relationship can be strong and promising. However, you’ll soon realize that Cancer is too affectionate while you’re unable to show your feelings all the time. Cancer’s emotional energy is too much for you.


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Dear Pisces, it will be very hard for you to build a happy and long-lasting relationship with Leo, Libra, and Pisces. Let’s start with Leo. Being the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, you can be so easily hurt by conceited Leo and the misunderstanding between you. This couple can work, though, but only if they are ready to grow together. 

As for Libra, you have some important things in common like your romanticism and your love of being in love. However, these similarities can become a source of problems, too. If at least one of you is not grounded enough you will soon be lost in your feelings. 

Speaking about Pisces and Pisces partnership, you could achieve a lot together but it would be much easier if you were just friends. For a happy couple, you are too romantic and your relationship will result in an emotional heartbreak. 

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