The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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The High Priestess is a profound card to pull in any Tarot reading, no matter in which position. As the sacred teacher, she heeds us to go within and trust our gut feeling while moving along out path through life.

What Does the High Priestess Tarot Card Mean

Seated at the entrance, the High Priestess prepares to both show you the way and guard the sacred unknown spaces. A pillar on either side signifies the path you must take to enter here. The duality of color and veil represent the energies of both yin and yang, the divine feminine and divine masculine. What does the High Priestess Tarot card mean if not to be consistently working to find inner equilibrium.

The High Priestess Keywords

Sensuality, veneration, awareness, spirituality, stability, prolificacy, and infinite power all are High Priestess upright card keywords.

High Priestess reversed card keywords are repression, lack, self-limiting beliefs, and infertility.

The High Priestess symbolizes the yin and yang of the Tarot
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The High Priestess Upright Meaning

All about intuitively discovering your sacral energy, the High Priestess upright meaning calls for balance and connection. She is very attuned to the inner, subliminal world, so look for signs in dreams and subtle coincidences.

Upright Health

In feminine health, the High Priestess upright health stands for hormonal health and prosperous fecundity. Hone in on the things that your body's signals and do not allow your voice to be stifled. Demand to be taken in all seriousness.

Upright Love

The High Priestess upright love meaning typically leans towards how desirable you are. She is calling to you to step into this sensual power and strut your stuff. You will be noticed.

Upright Money and Career

While she is not as concerned with this realm, the High Priestess upright money and career card is calling for you to embrace your creative side and allow others to be inspired by you. Focus on your financials. If it feels wrong, it is.

Intuition and sacral energy are key components of the High Priestess Tarot
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The High Priestess Reversed Meaning

While not necessarily a bad omen, if you pull the High Priestess reversed card, you might be taking a metaphorical slap upside the head. She is calling to you as she does in upright, but you are not hearing her. Clear your mind and allow her to supervise and lead you.

Reversed Health

Similar to upright, the High Priestess reversed health meaning shouts to make sure your concerns are not disregarded. It is your body. Listen to it. This card may also signify difficulty with fertility. 

Reversed Love

The High Priestess reversed love meaning is all about uncontrolled emotions. While you will be found sensual and loved, you will not appreciate these advances. This could be a tumultuous period in your romantic life.

Reversed Money and Career

The High Priestess reversed money and career amplifies the need to be vigilant and listen to your gut. There are plenty of people that cannot be trusted. If your gut says no, heed the warning. Do not make any big financial changes.

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