Luckiest and Unluckiest Zodiac Signs

By Nataly Porter Sep 10, 2020
Have you ever noticed that luck follows you everywhere? Or, vice versa, do you fail to reach your aims no matter how hard you try? Your zodiac sign can be the reason for all your misfortunes! Is it so and what can you do to change the situation? Read your sign’s horoscope below to find it out!

1. Virgo

Clover with 4 leaves

Congrats, dear Virgo! The luckiest of all zodiac signs, you seem to be blessed by higher powers. A whole army of angels follows you to protect you from any danger or misfortune that may come. Things work for you in the way you want them to even in the situations when it seems hardly possible. Even if you notice that something is going wrong, it just means it’s not the end and soon your position will change completely. To make the world around you even happier and brighter, please don’t forget to share your portion of good luck with those who surround you.

2. Scorpio

Dear Scorpio, you’re the one who always finds $100 right under their feet. If you and your friends walk in a field, you will be the only one to see a four-leaf clover. However, you may rely on your fortune too often and forget that you should work to make your life better, too. Please don’t take your good luck for granted. One day, you get a lot and the next day, you may lose it all. The best piece of advice we can give you is to be grateful for what you have and what you get all the time. Remember that luck doesn’t last forever for anyone, including you. 

3. Leo

Lots of coins with a hat

Dear Leo, you have been born a king and it’s not a surprise you have good looks, endless confidence, and are as attractive as no other zodiac sign. If you decide to visit Las Vegas during your next holiday, you’ll buy the whole town and probably even a bit more. The only difficulty you face on your way to happiness is that you don’t carefully analyze where you go in this life and what you want to achieve. Think about it and it will become easier for you to cope with the moments of bad luck.

4. Taurus

Taurus can be lucky in some areas and rather unlucky in others. They commonly face no problems in their career, their family life, and their appearance. You can even look better than all your family members put together! Your weakest side is seen when you fall in love, however. You tend to pick a jerk instead of a good guy and here is where all the problems start. Next time, just choose a nice person to become your lifetime partner and you’ll instantly reach the top of our list! 

5. Aries

Boy holding a 4-leaves clover

For Aries people, luck is a thing that comes and goes. It may suffer from a long period of bad luck and then live happily for quite long, too. Dear Aries, your task is to learn to cope with the unlucky periods and to make the most out of the lucky ones.

Try to understand that you can’t control everything and that it’s simply useless to waste your time and energy on the things you can neither control nor change. Instead, give more effort to planting seeds for your happy future. When they grow, you won’t have to rely on your luck anymore.

6. Pisces

Dear Pisces, luck comes to you in some spheres of your life but leaves you in others. You’re so lucky in love but seldom see any luck in your financial matters. So, you have no reason to worry about your love life especially if you’re in a serious and long-lasting relationship now. If you’re not, you can be sure that you’ll have at least one more chance to change your love life for the better. Meanwhile, remember that you need to be especially careful about your career and your funds not to find yourself in a tough financial situation.

7. Cancer

Lucky horseshoe

Dear Cancer, your task is to understand the difference between bad luck and bad decisions. Such things as the death of your dear person, your employer going bankrupt, or your best friend leaving the town can be considered bad luck – something you can’t control. To cope with these hardships somehow, learn to make good decisions. If you know you’re not very good at it, get in touch with the wisest person you know and try to become his or her good friend. This will become one of your best decisions ever! 

8. Sagittarius

Dear Sag, we’re so sorry life has been so unfair! People can say you’re paranoid but you have so many reasons to be! Life has been bringing you to bay pretty often and now you prefer to soften the blows every time you can. However, challenges make us stronger, don’t they? Among all zodiac signs, Sagittarians are those most likely to make lemonade out of their lemons. Brace yourself and try to look for more positive things, people, and activities in your life! 

9. Libra

Clover with 4 leaves

Sun seldom visits you and it rains so often in your soul, dear Libra. The worst thing is that it can go on for months without giving you any chance to change the situation. However, the soft drops will easily send you to sleep allowing you to forget about your bad luck for at least a few hours. And then, when you no longer expect anything of the kind, a rainbow comes in all its glory! The stars advise that you should never give up as it’s not only luck that rules your life, it’s you and your inner powers, too. 

10. Capricorn

It’s hard to assess how unlucky you are but every time you roll the dice you get snakes eyes; every time you pick a lottery number you get 13. However, it’s not the time to give up and fall into despair because it’s always darkest before the dawn! In your case, dear Cap, the time is about 4 AM. Have a couple or more hours of sleep and when you finally wake up to welcome the new day, life will look much brighter! 


11. Aquarius

Bright blue horseshoe

Dear Aquarius, with all the bad luck you have to endure in your life, your stubborn spirit makes the whole situation a bit easier. You know it well that what doesn’t kill you makes you the badass you are. Even when the whole world is against you, there is still at least one person who will be on your side. Your task is to find this person and never let him or her go so that you’ll have more luck and therefore more support on your side.

12. Gemini

Poor Gemini, seems you hardly win any lotteries or hit the jackpot. You so often see yourself under a dark cloud or in a deep hole and it’s so painfully hard for you to find a way out of it. Even if some good luck looks into your window, you sooner or later find a way to break it. Is there any chance for you to cope with your bad luck? Sure! To overcome it, first, you have to surrender it. Try to see the difference between the things you can change in your life and those you can. You can’t fight your bad luck but you can change everything else. 

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