Nine Of Wands Meaning: Suit of Wands

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Nine of Wands is the last card prior to your success and fulfillment. This card brings to light how weary you are but also, how far you have come. Do not give up now. Your finish line is just ahead.

What Does Nine of Wands Tarot Card Mean

Tarot’s Nine of Wands shows a battleworn man clinging to his wand. He is glancing over his shoulder at the eight wands close behind. He is tired and injured, but, as a nine, he has some challenges standing between him and his overall goal. Can he find his power to push through to the end? Can you?

Nine of Wands Keywords

When Nine of Wands is upright, the keywords are power, strength, tenacity, resolution, courage, and endurance.

Reversed, the keywords are stubbornness, rigidity, lack of follow through, stagnation, yield, lose, relinquish.

You are so close to your goal! Nine of Wands is reassurance that success is imminent.
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Nine of Wands Upright Meaning

When Nine of Wands upright comes to you, it recognizes the struggles you have gone through and the exhaustion you feel. Trust in yourself and the steps you have taken. Do not quit because it is not over. You are so close to the end of your journey. Stay with that resilience and keep pushing forward.

Upright Health

In regards to your health, you are finally at the point of toppling your setback or illness. It has been a difficult journey for you, but you have overcome and good health and stability are just on the horizon.

Upright Love

WIth Nine of Wands upright in love, you may need to take time to address old wounds, whether in a past or present partnership These old wounds are causing problems in your present situation. Relationships may have suffered some setbacks, but this card is letting you know you are able to get through it.

Upright Money and Career

Nine of Wands is not always a pleasant card when asking about money. This may shine light on a difficult time for you. Time to buckle down and guard your finances. There are better times ahead. Your career may be exhausting you and you just want it to end. This card asks you to just keep going a bit longer. There is success here. You will reach your end goal if you just keep going.

Though weary, Nine of Wands urges you to keep pushing forward.
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Nine of Wands Reversed Meaning

Much like when upright, Nine of Wands reversed knows how overworked and weary you are. This card is asking for you to keep going when you want to throw it all away. Your fear that your goal is never going to happen cannot get the better of you. There is some paranoia looming here and hurt from people in your life may be clouding your judgment.

Reversed Health

Nine of Wands reversed health can be scary to pull. Chronic illness or old injury may be coming to your life. Do not lose hope and fight for your rejuvenation.

Reversed Love

When Nine of Wands reversed love comes up, it is begging you to stop being so rigid in your opinions. Relationships are about compromise. Do not dig in and allow a breakup to happen over ego or fear of being wrong. If you are single, this card can be amazing! Calling to the possibility of being ready to enter a new partnership. This card could be telling you that you have healed your past. Go out! Have fun

Reversed Money and Career

You need to open your eyes. Nine of Wands' reversed career asks you to take a look at what you are working so hard for. Is it worth it? Is your business or career worth the exhaustion and frustration it brings? Balance in life is so important. Fight for what you want, but know when the fight is over. With finances, check your spending and make sure you are not running away from responsibility.

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