A Closer Look At Numerology: Hidden Traits of 40-49

By Eugenia Nov 12, 2019
Each number has its own personality – strengths, shortcomings, quirks – so to get a good understanding of how numbers affect us, it helps to get to know each of these numbers as if it were a person. Read on to learn more about the numbers 40-49!




40 represents highly practical energies and pragmatism. Think of the number as a combination of the practical 4 and the limitless 0. The essence of the number resonates with dignity and worthiness; it’s persistent, patient, and is associated with achieving your goals. It’s deeply connected with the methodical approach. 40 is focused on building a secure foundation for the future. Thinking all the way through before making a decision is an important part of the 40’s essence.



41 is a number that expresses its inner sense of personal freedom with building a secure foundation for the future. The number’s understanding of freedom generally leads it to focus on establishing financial and emotional security. At the same time, the number’s essence is curious and interested in pretty much everything. 41 is adventurous and has a quick wit. It is also very comfortable interacting with others. The concepts associated with the number are curiosity, pragmatism, focus, adventure, and self-determination.



This number is nurturing and is associated with family and community. 42 resonates with a pragmatic approach and achieving every goal, no matter how ambitious they are. The number’s energy is idealistic and pragmatic at the same time. It resonates with responsibility. The number is a natural nurturer, and caring about family and friends is an essential part of its essence. The basic tone of the number is connected with the concepts of family, nurturing, relationships, idealism, and pragmatism.



The number has a lot of meanings: it is connected with introspection, analysis, inspiration, and wisdom. It’s pragmatic and knows how to achieve its goals. It’s very important for it to find answers and explanations. The intuition of 43 is very strong – it’s almost supernatural. The energy of the number can inspire and encourage others. All energies of the number 43 are subordinate to the introspection and inner-connectedness. It also contains the energy of spirituality – it keeps the number from becoming entirely materialistic.


44 is all about business: it is connected with the ability to achieve goals and making important decisions. It is also connected with building or creating something that can benefit many generations. It’s focused on the efficient business building: it builds both for the present and the future. It wants its work to be rewarded and appreciated. The number’s basic tone is associated with wit, intelligence, building, efficiency, success, and future. It is realistic, pragmatic, disciplined, and confident.




The essence of the number 45 is result-focused. The number contains reliability, patience, wit, and intelligence. Its energy is success-oriented. 45 is earthly and sophisticated; it has a philanthropic focus on humankind. It is generous and benevolent. Charity is extremely important for the number’s essence. It’s focused on making life better for people, even if it means making life worse for itself. 45 is also active, passionate, and hardworking. The number is connected with the ideas of humanitarianism, compassion, and pragmatism.



The number 46’s essence is all about evolution and growth. It cares a lot about building a secure foundation for the future. Developing its skills and becoming a better version of itself is a major part of its energy. 46 represents self-dependent and self-sufficiency. The energy of the number is associated with loneliness and it’s comfortable being alone. It’s introverted and focused on achieving its goals, but it appreciates its family and community. 46 is associated with independence, family, self-sufficiency, and foundation.



47 is a family number: its community and loved ones are very important to it. It’s focused on building a secure foundation for its community. It is associated with prosperity, kindness, and growth. It is also a teamwork and romance number. Companionship and friendship are essential for the number’s essence: without them, the essence is suppressed. It’s natural for 47’s energy to be cooperative, caring, and helpful. The concepts associated with 47 are teamwork, romance, coexistence, and intuition.


The number 48 resonates with creative expression and inspiration. It is also associated with success and business: it has good basic business instincts and extremely strong intuition. Finances resonate well with the number’s essence. 48 cares a lot about its future and does everything possible to build a secure foundation. 48 is adept with visual and auditory artistic expression: music, painting, sculpting, and so on. It is a social number and loneliness can suppress its energy. 48 is associated with creative self-expression, social interaction, pragmatism, and business.



49 resonates with consciousness, focus, success, and being realistic. It cares a lot about the future of humanity and its community. Its energy tends to be both pragmatic and idealistic, goal-oriented and dreamy. But when it’s impossible for two ideas to coexist, the pragmatic side of the number usually wins. The number’s energy is not social; being alone from time to time is extremely important for it. 49 is so focused on achieving its goals that it has no time for social interactions. 49 is associated with method, idealism, success, and loneliness.  

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