Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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What does Nine of Cups Tarot card mean

The 9 of cups meaning is one of worldly pleasures. When you see it, consider it a gift from the universe, a true treat that represents the high points in life that make you feel on top of the world. But of course, with highs come lows. Not every indulgence will make you feel good about yourself inside.

Nine of Cups Tarot Keywords

Depending on how you pull it, you should look for the notions of fulfillment, feeling grateful, and achievement — or desire, gratification, materialism, greed, and pleasure, if the position is reversed.

Nine of Cups Upright Meaning

The nine of cards upright means pure bliss in one's life.
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Remember the days you wake up feeling grateful and eager to get your day started, because life is just that good? You’ve been experiencing a lot of that lately and more is yet to come.

Upright Health

Your attention to your health has finally paid off. You’ve reached goals that once felt unattainable, and your confidence is through the roof. 

Upright Love

With Nine of Cups, love is in a great place for you. You’re content with your partner, or you’re happy being single. Either way, you’ve overcome a lot of roadblocks and should be proud of yourself for that.

Upright Money & Career

Feeling financially stable is somewhat new to you, and you’re absolutely loving it! Who wouldn’t? Everything seems to fall into place now that you have your finances in order.

Nine of Cups Reversed Meaning

The nine of cups reversed can look like materialism and greed.
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The Nine of Cups reversed indicates those same feelings of joy and fulfillment, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Or, you’ve indulged so much that you’ve become greedy. 

Reversed Health

You’ve become a bit obsessed with your outward appearance, to the point where you’re neglecting your mental well-being. Being validated by your peers might feel good in the moment, but you won’t experience true joy until you’ve reached self-fulfillment.

Reversed Love

With Nine of Cups reversed, love is often misunderstood or expressed selfishly. You may be manipulating someone for your own gratification, whether you realize it or not. 

Reversed Money & Career

It’s really easy to get greedy with money, something you’ve quickly learned. You’re so caught up in the materialistic aspects of life, that you’re neglecting your heart. Try to move past those superficial desires if you want to find happiness. 

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