Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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What does Eight of Cups Tarot card mean

The Eight of Cups meaning signifies your burning passion for change. This need for something new could harm or benefit you, but either way, it’s inevitable. You’re going to follow your heart even if it seems like a bad idea.

Eight of Cups Tarot Keywords

You can associate it with such words as underwhelmed, lost, neglected, and dissatisfaction. Or, if you pull it in a reverse position, look for the notions of wandering, superficial, apprehension, and unsteady.

Eight of Cups Upright Meaning

The eight of cups tarot card upright means you're feeling bored and frustrated with your current situation.
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You’re struggling with your current situation because it’s making you feel empty. Or, for lack of a better term, you’re bored! You’re tired of being disrespected, tossed aside, or undervalued. The feeling of change is imminent, and you’re ready to embrace it head-on. 

Upright Health

No one around you is taking your health concerns seriously, which hurts! However, take this as an opportunity to be independent and feel confident enough to make your own health-based decisions. 

Upright Love

With the Eight of Cups, love can feel like a rollercoaster. You’re feeling lost and dissatisfied in your relationship, which is enough of a sign that it’s time for a change. Or, if you’re single, it’s time to create a spark! 

Upright Money & Career

Work has felt less and less rewarding lately. You’re eager to seek new opportunities and truly cannot wait to cut ties with your job. This may be due to issues with coworkers or just a lack of self-fulfillment. 

Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning

The eight of cups reversed means you're living life according to validation from others.
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The Eight of Cups reversed means you’re at an unstable point in your life. You’re drifting between places, people, or beliefs and generally feeling uneasy. This could be due to a lack of personal direction, like following trends or living to please others.

Reversed Health

You’re caught up in society's expectations of how you should look and feel, and it’s become overwhelming. This would be a good time to look inward so that you can understand what health regimen (if any) is best for your personal growth.

Reversed Love

In this position, the Eight of Cups love meaning is anxious and unsteady. You’re apprehensive about your relationship and feel a change coming. Or, if you’re single, you’re seeking a partner for all the wrong reasons.

Reversed Money & Career

You haven’t been feeling stable at work and are itching for literally anything else. The only problem is that you don’t know what you’d do next!

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