Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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Hopefully, this card appeared upright and will hint at all the goods that are to come!

What Does the Ten of Cups Tarot Card Mean?

The Ten of Cups meaning signifies being in a place of peaceful and eternal gratitude.

Ten of Cups Tarot Keywords

Keywords that depict this message are connection, devotion, steadiness, and fulfillment.

Ten of Cups Upright Meaning

Ten of Cups upright oozes joyous beginnings and happiness. Looking at the imagery itself, one can feel light and love emanating from the pictured scene.

Skies are blue and blessings are bountiful with the 10 of cups!
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Upright Health

Goals are being attained, and your health is seeing the success it might not have seen in a while. The efforts that have been put into researching and implementing strategic health practices are noticeable!

Upright Love

Oh, what a lovely sight to see! Everything (or everyone) is coming together in purposeful commitment. Love is freely and deeply felt, while single individuals might just be meeting their soulmate for the first time!

Upright Money & Career

With a tie to emotions, it represents that the type of work you're doing is stimulating and worthwhile. Take a moment to reflect on the successes you have created!

Ten of Cups Reversed Meaning

If it didn't appear upright, then the 10 of Cups reversed might indicate rock-bottom or struggle.

When your current job doesn't feel fulfilling, remember that you can always change directions!
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Reversed Health

When one system is out of whack, the others might also find it hard to act properly. Balance is extremely important right now, as is figuring out what your body needs. Health issues could occur.

Reversed Love

Unfortunately, this orientation might mean that there is a great disparity in emotional fulfillment. Conflicts with loved ones could take precedence and cause more stress in the relationship. Take some time for self-love.

Reversed Money & Career

On the flip side, a career might not be checking all of the boxes that you need, whether it be due to coworker conflicts or the type of work isn't fulfilling. Consider seeking advice on creating greater stability.

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