Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Swords

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There is change in the air. There is a mission or quest about to happen and, as with all Sword cards, this Knight has the brains and fortitude to see it through.

Sword Tarot Cards bring truth and intellect to the forefront
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What Does Knight of Swords Tarot Card Mean

As the wind blows hard and clouds gather, the ambitious hero Knight lunges ahead on his valiant horse, sword held toward the sky and thrust forward, ready for the challenge. As the armor reflects his strength of mind against what lies ahead, the whiteness of his horse symbolizes his pure thought and character. In a spread, the Knight of Swords meaning is one of upcoming changes and adventures.

Knight of Swords Keywords

Upright, the Knight of Swords keywords are intense, driven, ambitious, risk, adventure, and direct.

If reversed, you will see more aggressive, vindictive, self-obsessed, scattered, inferior, and cowardly behavior.

A sword tarot card can symbolize a protector in your life
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Knight of Swords Upright Meaning

When you find the Knight of Swords upright, you are in for a lot of happenings in your world! You have probably been anticipating this for quite a while so you will have no problem recognizing it. Be daring and focused and you'll propel forward into all the changes that are being made in for your benefit. Your assertiveness and thoughtfulness will do you well right now.

Upright Health

Nothing but positivity here! If you have been sick, you will soon see better results and improvement. If you are hoping for a healthy progressive movement it is happening.

Upright Love

When Knight is upright in love, you are going to see some big changes, but these can be either good or bad. It could mark a heightened commitment or an impending breakup. Either way, this card is telling you to take the plunge. Even if painful, massive good will come from this step.

Upright Money and Career

We are not showing fear in this realm. You are being told to completely commit to what you want and go full force into it. Your ambition, drive, and boldness will be rewarded. Financially, make those investments now and stop thinking the time will get better because it won’t.

Though it can bring chaos, Knight of Swords is a magnificent card to pull
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Knight of Swords Reversed Meaning

When the Knight of Swords is reversed, you are hesitating and not even aware of it. There are opportunities here and you are not seeing them. You may be cynical and not open to receiving the changes. This is only to your detriment. Take a moment and reevaluate your surroundings and thought patterns if you don’t want to get left in the dust.

Reversed Health

Calling for patience, remember that all illnesses or injuries require time to heal. Give yourself the time needed. This is also a sign of potential mental illnesses with you or someone you are close to.

Reversed Love

The Knight of Swords reversed in love is all about caution. Is there violence, chaos, or danger within your partnership? If not, you may be in for a bumpy time that will either make or break you both. If single, be extremely careful during this time as a potential partner could become aggressive once you have commited.

Reversed Money and Career

You may feel either extremely insecure or arrogant in your career right now. Effective communication is key in both areas to make sure you move forward without failing or ruffling some feathers. Money concerns are coming up, but can be avoided if you take the time to research your next move and execute in a timely manner.

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