Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Swords

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Generally when he shows up in a reading, there is a need for patience as plans fall into place. You may not love this as your mind will be an ocean of ideas and potential projects, but take a breath. There is much he is wanting to show you at the moment. 

Page of Swords is a very polarizing card to pull
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What Does Page of Swords Tarot Card Mean

While the Page of Swords meaning is one of great thought, he can also be guiding you toward understanding your inner voice and how you communicate to the world. As he stands with the appearance of forward movement, he gazes behind to make sure he is aware of all his surroundings. His quick wit and inquisitive nature means nothing is getting past him. As the wind moves through his hair and the trees, it is apparent that changes are happening. Under his feet, green grass grows, showing his future is fertile and bright. 

Page of Swords Tarot Keywords

When upright, the Page of Swords keywords suggest thought provoking ideas, fairness to all, open communication, and inspired action. 

If reversed, there is more of a cold, distant demeanor, hasty attitude, lack of planning, and dismissive future. 

In Tarot readings, no other card instructs patience as much as this one
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Page of Swords Upright Meaning

There is a passion within the upright meaning of this card. A drive to learn and understand every facet available. Ideas abound and action is taken easily. There is no problem with communication and everyone seems to admire your perseverance. You will accomplish all the things you are wanting during this time. 

Upright Health

Once again, patience is cautioned during this time. While you are now in a place to heal from old illnesses and injuries because you have educated yourself, remember healing cannot be rushed. 

Upright Love

When Page of Swords love is pulled, communication may not be your best friend. Remember to allow your partner their voice as well. If you are hoping for advancements in your situation, don’t get down when it doesn’t happen right away. You are moving in the right direction, but you are not quite there. If you are wanting to start a relationship, now may not be the time. 

Upright Money and Career

While some news may be slow to come to you, when it does, it will be positive. You are a dream employee with all your thoughts and ideas. You may even be interested in using those ideas to start something yourself. Exercise patience as with everything else, but do not be afraid when the opportunity comes around. 

Page of Swords is a card of abundant ideas and information
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Page of Swords Reversed Meaning

You may seem a bit scattered right now. Between halfcocked ideas and poor communication skills, now may be a good time to take a few days to yourself and regroup. Your lack of planning and dismissive behavior may land you in hot water with friends, family, and work. 

Reversed Health

You are not yourself right now. There may be some mental concerns you are experiencing. If your fogginess or lack of ambition continues, it may be time to discuss it with your doctor. 

Reversed Love

When Page of Swords love meaning is interpreted in reversed position, this flashes emotional baggage signs everywhere. There are mind games happening and they need to stop. You may need outside help to recognize what is happening. Do not be afraid to ask for help if needed. This is not the time to become involved with anyone. 

Reversed Money and Career

You are literally all over the place right now. Not committing is not the same as being a jack of all trades. If you truly cannot make up your mind, you need to take the appropriate steps to help you decide. Stand still and allow the world to slow down around you. You will calm your own waters this way. 

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