Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Swords

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This Queen can depict a female air sign such as Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra. She is quirky, optimistic, and candid. She is a much-needed shoulder and fierce defender to those she loves. Using that innate empathy to judge her situations, the Queen will always be honest, open, and willing to walk away or fight harder depending on her instincts.

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What Does Queen of Swords Tarot Card Mean

The Queen of Swords meaning encircles the knowledge and emotional capacity we have to view our reality. She sits ready on a throne adorned in angelic carvings and butterflies. These are representative of transformation and a potential calm, softer side. In her right hand, a sword at the ready to strike down those that would harm or hinder the truth of a matter. Her left hand is open and ready to understand and receive truth and knowledge. Notice how the trees and clouds blow against the winds of constant change.

Queen of Swords Tarot Keywords

When upright, the Queen of Swords keywords encompass clear dialogue and boundaries, fierce protection and loyalty, independence and fair thinking.

When reversed, you will see vindictive and spiteful behavior, repressed pain and sorrow, chaotic communication and emotions.

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Queen of Swords Upright Meaning

The Queen of Swords upright is all wisdom and sage knowledge. She stands firm in her convictions and desires only to know the truth. She is always open to outside opinions and reserves judgment until all facts are known. She can come to you as a protector, guide, or version of you that is ready to step into their power.

Upright Health

Emotional health is a concern here. This could indicate repressed feelings which are presenting as a physical ailment. Do the work to untrap and allow fluidity of these emotions, and your physical health will improve. This is also a wonderful omen for fertility.

Upright Love

The Queen of Swords upright love meaning can signify three potential characters. Is there a motherly or mature woman figure that has things to say about your relationship? As hard as it is to hear, she may have a point. You may want to logically think about her advice. If this is for your partner, you may feel like they are not as affectionate as you would like, but understand that their loyalty is unceasing and they will appreciate you and communicate honestly if you speak openly about your concerns. The third character is you. There is nothing wrong with your candidness, but always be aware of how far you go. Do not hurt feelings if it is not needed and blame honesty. If single, you are showing strength and self-sufficiency. You may not have someone right now, but you are ready when the door opens.

Upright Money and Career

Nothing but positive outlooks here. You may be taken under the wing of a female mentor. Learn all you can. She will guide you. Your communication is amazing with coworkers and your management will admire your know-how and integrity. Financially, you will have many opportunities because of your loyalty and wittiness.

The Queen of Swords will guide you toward knowledge and truth
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Queen of Swords Reversed Meaning

Queen of Swords reversed is a cautionary tale. Your emotions are running the show. Your lack of forgiveness to others and yourself is holding you down, and there may be a female that is not working in your best interests. This card is one of deceit and treachery.

Reversed Health

You will lack focused thinking right now. Your mental fog follows you around and you are unsure which way to turn. If you are on medications, be careful with the schedule and take precautions not to double up or completely forget to take them. This also signifies infertility.

Reversed Love

As above, the Queen of Swords reversed love meaning can represent three characters. It may be a female figure that is trying to get between your partnership through lies and hate. It could be reflecting deceit, cheating, or scandal within your significant other. If it  is showing yourself, it may be reflecting your own insecurities and lack of freedom within the relationship.

Reversed Money and Career

Here the concern is all about communication. Your lack of communication and the way you are being perceived by others are getting you in trouble. Think before you speak. Take the time needed to make sure that you are not coming across as aggressive, malicious, or fraudulent.

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