Your Worst Fear, According to Your Sign

By Nataly Porter May 21, 2020
If you have been interested in astrology for some time, you must already know all your positive and negative qualities. The more you know about your fears, the easier it becomes for you to control them or even cope with them completely. Ready to start now? Scroll to your sign to read, then!


Aries is the winner of the zodiac. However, there is one thing for him worse than losing a fight and this is losing people they love. Naturally born warriors, they start combats not only because they’re going to win them but simply because it’s a part of their nature. If the don’t see any good fight coming, they start seeking a quarrel with their close people not even realizing it. When those they love see such a situation, they prefer not to fight back but to disappear not even letting their Aries offender realize what went wrong. It makes an Aries feel wrong and desperate. To break this vicious circle, dear Aries, try to realize you’re hurting those you love and stop it.




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Comfort is something a Taurus person is never going to give up. Good food, loyal friends, a good house with a warm fireplace that creates an even warmer atmosphere – these are those simple things that make an Aries guy happy. It’s more than a wish for comfort; it’s more like a desire to surrounded by amenities. As to get all these things a Taurus native has to live in a financially stable situation, they care a lot about their money and are afraid of debts. When they see that the amount of money on their bank account is decreasing, they quickly become nervous thinking of the changes that are inevitably coming. Taureans earn money to spend them and feel uncomfortable facing financial instability. 


Gemini people are the most changeable zodiac representatives. They keep changing their decisions and opinions just because they don’t want to stick to them. This feature turns Gemini guys into talented manipulators who will change their mind after you forget what they’ve told you. However, this strength of theirs has a weak side, too. Gemini natives are afraid of taking new decisions. Symbolized by the Twins, they seem to have two or even more personalities that are in constant conflict with each other. When they concentrate on one choice, one of their inner “other halves” instantly becomes afraid of the decision. Although both sides of Gemini reps have great ideas, they have to learn to cooperate to make these ideas come true.


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Cancerians are those who suffer from agoraphobia more often than other signs. They are afraid of open spaces and big crowds of people and prefer to never leave their comfort zone. On the other hand, those who hide from the big outer world easily become prisoners of their comfortable houses. This isolation prevents them from learning new things, exploring the world around, and getting the experience they need for development. Seeing the world as it is would help you, dear Cancer, learn that your freedom lies inside you and not in the big scary world around. 


If there is something a Leo person can be afraid of, it’s surely fear of being left unnoticed. For their part, they do their best to make sure others always see them; they use their wardrobe, their body language, as well as other ways of expressing themselves to reach their aim. In the majority of cases, they apply to it all in the ambition for winning the attention of others. People born under this sign believe that is something is not seen by others it just can’t produce the right impact. If a tree falls in a forest and nobody sees it, for a Leo person this is a complete failure; they are sure that if nobody sees then nobody cares. In their turn, they would never let it happen to them. 


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Do you remember Monica from “Friends” going crazy when she saw somebody spilling something on her floor? That’s so Virgo-like! If you spill wine on their carpet, break a glass, or stain their fave tablecloth be sure that you’ve found your mortal foe. Virgo people are afraid of disorganization and imperfection just like normal people are afraid of spiders and snakes. These people pretend to be helpful but very negative inside. Preserving order in their house is a way of keeping their emotions at bay. Under this fear of external imperfection, there is another fear, of their internal imperfection. 


Libra people are those who can love. They can’t be alone simply because they feel desperate when they have nobody by their side. The biggest fear of Libra natives is to lose someone they love or to never be able to find such a person. These people find themselves in either a long-lasting relationship or constantly depressed. If their partner leaves them, they’re ready to marry the first person they meet simply not to be alone anymore. They’re so afraid of loneliness they can do stupid things to avoid it. Dear Libra, try to worry less and you’ll surely find your only one!


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Scorpio natives are considered people with dark and deep soul. They can be even more sensitive than Pisces but are just not ready to express their emotions so freely. Scorpio guys are more sensitive one can even imagine. However, they’re afraid of intimacy and what it may lead to. What they fear most is two things – others to leave them and them to lose themselves in a relationship. As a result, they make two mistakes at once: on one hand, they draw their partners towards them too hard and at the same time push them away just as hard, too. They can start an extramarital affair or withdraw emotionally despite the fact with will hurt both them and their partner. Even a friend of a Scorpio person can suffer from the same problem dealing with them. 


Sags are those who are always ready to roam the world. They love to travel searching for discoveries and the truth. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, Sagittarius reps just can’t stay at home waiting for the world to offer them a chance to do something. Even more, many Sags suffer from claustrophobia and are afraid of both confined spaces and everyday duties that make them feel confined. What scares Sagittarius people most is an opportunity to lose their freedom.


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As you may already know, Capricorns are the recognized workaholics of the zodiac. Such an attitude to work is a kind of addiction, too. However, their ambitions have the other side and they’re afraid of falling off the career ladder just as they’re eager to climb it. This fear makes them slow-and-steady in everything they do. In the case with Capricorns, these fears may come from childhood and be associated with the figure of their father. Typically, they either adore this person or want to have no connection with him at all. Even the House by which Capricorn is ruled, the 10th one, is associated with father and honor. As in the case with Leo, it’s the fears of a Capricorn native that help him or her succeed in life. 


Aquarians are close to Sagittarians in their fears. However, if a Sag is afraid of confined spaces an Aquarius person is afraid of confined social institutions like offices, hospitals, schools, or even marriages. They consider these places and social states as a prison for their minds and never want to become a part of a group mind. The way out is to just leave Aquarius representatives alone as it is sure to make them happier. If Aquarius doesn’t want to join a group, nobody will make them do it. 


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Romantic and dreamy Pisces live in a world of dreams and don’t want to grow up. However, even if they want to, they simply can’t. It’s a paradox but they’re wise and not mature at all at the same time. Pisces are very creative on one hand and find it very hard to deal with their everyday routine on the other hand. This is one of the reasons why Pisces people often resort to various means, and not always good ones, to cope with the responsibilities they have to bear. Dear Pisces, remember that it’s impossible to live without responsibilities you’re so afraid of. Try to grow up at least a bit and you’ll see how easy it is to get rid of your torturing fears. 

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