The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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The Hanged Man does not have to be a card of fear. There is so much we can learn when The Hanged Man comes to us. You may wish to see it as a warning to hold on as upheaval starts, or it could be offering you enough time to take the reins yourself and make the changes you already know need to happen.

What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean

Upside down on a cross made from a live tree, The Hanged Man looks almost meditative. But what does the Tarot card the Hanged man mean? There is no fight toward this position. Everything is as it should be. His halo sits on his head, alluding to his heightened knowledge and enlightenment. Though his arms are tied behind his back, he does not struggle and observes this different view with calmness. His apparent surrender to his position shows us how we can too find new awareness in upcoming changes.

The Hanged Man Tarot Keywords

The Hanged Man Tarot keywords show us how to see different views, let go of the old and relent to the changes, and to check your self limiting beliefs.

When The Hanged Man is reversed, he is advising of indecision, negativity, lack of clarity, and resistance to changes.

The Hanged Man Tarot is all about change and new beginnings.
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The Hanged Man Upright Meaning

When you get the Hanged Man upright Tarot meaning, he is calling for you to take stock of all parts of life that are no longer serving you. If you do not remove these things, the Universe might. Release and take a moment to truly come back to yourself. If this pause is taken willingly, the Universe will assist where it can. If this pause is not taken, it may be forced upon you. Not much good will come from that. Upright, The Hanged Man is cautioning you to take matters into your own hands and not catapult forward but, more, take a step back. Breathe and release.

Upright Health

If your health has been an issue, the Hanged Man upright health meaning is telling you to open your mind than outright changing it. Look at all options, get opinions on treatments, and take the time needed to fully heal. There are always multiple ways to heal. Maybe your current plan is not the best one.

Upright Love

Upright love can mean multiple things and calls for you to take accountability. The hanged man upright love meaning cautions calmness and wants you to not be hasty making big relationship changes. If you are unhappy, it is only you who can change it. Remove yourself. Do not wait for the partner to do it. If you are not, then open communication about what you need will be met with willingness to try.

Upright Money and Career

Uncertainty and anxiety seem to be causing you some trouble. The Hanged Man upright money meaning and prediction for career is saying to calm down. It is not as bad as it seems. Breathe and take some time to look at your options with open, unbiased eyes. Bring in a trusted friend if needed. Know that nothing needs to be decided right now. You can take as much time as you need to truly educate yourself.

Reading the Tarot's Major Arcana cards can help guide your path.
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The Hanged Man Reversed Meaning

Soo, what’s going on with you? The Hanged Man reversed meaning in Tarot is calling you out. He is letting you know that you need to stop actively avoiding the real problem. All those things you just have to do RIGHT NOW! No, you don’t. You need to get a handle on the bigger issue that you are actively avoiding. Stop resisting what needs to happen. It will happen either way.

Reversed Health

Stop telling yourself you are fine when you know you are not. The Hanged Man reversed health meaning is telling you to wake up. Stop putting off the much needed doctor appointment. Stop saying you are going to start tomorrow and start right now. Your body can only handle so much. Stop letting fear of the potential illness stand in the way of your healing.

Reversed Love

The Hanged Man reversed love meaning is basically rolling his eyes and saying, “Here we go again.” You need to quit jumping from the same bad situation to the same bad situation. Learn from the negative relationships and trauma. Decide you are no longer going to enter into unhealthy commitments. Slow down and think it through.

Reversed Money and Career

The Hanged Man reversed career meaning and prediction for the financial sphere is showing you the fear and stagnancy that you are allowing to hold you back. Do not settle. This is your life. Take charge of it and handle your problems with strength and fortitude. Do not allow yourself to be unhappy in your work or complacent in your financial situation.

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