“The Extraordinary Chris”, the most awarded psychic by his peers

By Nataly Porter Nov 27, 2020
The first contact CHRIS had with the mysterious powers of the psyche was in the early 70s. Like many true psychics, he started seeing and hearing things from an early age. While very young, he was introduced in suggestion and its parameters, including hypnosis, relaxation therapy and the resulting outcomes.

Later, while studying Modern Psychology, CHRIS decided to switch into the practical world by devoting all his time to this amazing science and all its aspects. At 19 years old, he was focused on two major fields, psychology, and parapsychology. He used psychic powers like telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, teleportation, precognition, psionics & a list of mental abilities.


Chris in 1880s

By the 80s, CHRIS had improved his abilities and powers by meditating and utilizing his energies. He was considered one of the great experts for his work on hypnosis and often advises doctors, dentists, and other professionals. 

In the 90’s, he launched training courses and personal development seminars for managers and business leaders. All these years of practice and experience were summarized in a series of courses, demonstrating CHRIS’s techniques were a real success!

RESEARCH IN PARAPSYCHOLOGY (the parapsychic study of the brain phenomena):

In 1973, CHRIS was lucky enough to find an excellent "sensitive".  A sensitive is a gifted subject with very powerful "psi powers".  This sensitive proved that deep hypnosis powerfully amplified his psi power. From a simple lab demonstration to the field experience, which allowed him to twice find buried treasure and a missing person, he once again proved himself an undisputed expert.


In the late 70’s, he became a technical parapsychologist and worked for three years organizing international conferences. 

At the same time, CHRIS began taking tours of paranormal phenomena throughout the world. He was educated by a pygmy’s Shaman and by the Caribbean wizards. While on this tour, he accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and received impressive educational documents on parapsychology techniques, relaxation, herbology, and more.


CHRIS has often appeared in the media. He is an experienced reader of the soul for many years now and helps many clients find enlightenment.

In 1986 and 1987, thanks to his natural-born psychic abilities, he performed a TV hypnosis experience on a large scale for the first time in Europe. The audience size involved millions of viewers who were surprised to watch the results in seconds. This confirmed CHRIS as one of the leading hypnologists of his generation! 

We now know him as one who makes incredibly clear predictions on World events, as well as demonstrates amazing accuracy in personal predictions. He is a naturally born psychic, tarot reader, and professional fortune-teller. He is very accurate, direct, and to the point.

Chris uses his God-given gifts of clairvoyance to connect and find the answers you are seeking.

He has completely devoted himself during the last three decades of his life to studying the occult, arts of astrology, tarot, runes, and African magic... He's got all his knowledge from the purest and direct sources of the most prestigious and venerable masters. Chris also studied ancient texts that are only accessible to a few specialists, like him.


Chris is now focused on the transmission and practical application of his knowledge to best benefit his followers. He provides insight using tarot cards, psychic readings, Palm readings, and astrology. He is a highly experienced psychic consultant and a trained emotional counselor all over the world and continues to teach, learn, and heal. Chris is looking forward to several trips while dividing his time among Africa, Asia, America, and the Caribbean. 

Chris is a top-rated clairvoyant intuitive and empathy-psychic with more than 30 years of experience. He is no doubt the most awarded psychic by his peers. Chris remains humble and accessible even though he appeared on TELEVISION many times.

This is a man you can definitively trust.

Chris can help you reveal your future right now.
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