Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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What does Seven of Cups Tarot card mean

The Seven of Cups meaning points to changes, manifestation, and the ability to take control of your destiny. Your reality is so carefully affected by even the slightest things you do. Although the delicacy of life can feel daunting, it’s also an advantage if leveraged properly.

Seven of Cups Tarot Keywords

The Seven of Cups keywords look different, depending on how you encounter it in a reading.

It can either reveal opportunities, decisions, new beginnings, or dreaming.

Or it can proclaim avoidance, lost opportunities, and reality when pulled in reverse.

Seven of Cups Upright Meaning

The seven of cups upright represents abundance all around you.
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The Seven of Cups upright is boundless and abundant. In many cases, it indicates new paths clearing and a fresh start. Although it sounds like a good thing, having too many options can sometimes be overwhelming.

Upright Health

You know that something needs to change in terms of how you’re taking care of yourself (whether it be emotionally or physically), but you’re overwhelmed by the different diets, lifestyle changes, and exercise regimens out there. Don’t let the process get the best of you this early on—seek advice from a professional!

Upright Love

Having multiple options in romance sounds like a good thing at first, but it can be frustrating, especially when you fear someone may get hurt. You should make a decision sooner rather than later.

Upright Money & Career

Doors are finally opening in your professional life. You’re feeling content knowing you have several amazing paths to take. You better choose one before they slip away!

Seven of Cups Reversed Meaning

The seven of cups reversed means you might be feeling stuck and helpless.
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The Seven of Cups reversed means you’re not sure where to turn. You’re stuck in one place and feel like you’ve been backed into a corner by external factors. It’s tough, but it’s not impossible to break free of!

Reversed Health

You’ve hit a wall with your personal fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. Sometimes it feels too late in life to make a meaningful change, but that’s just your anxiety talking!

Reversed Love

With Seven of Cups reversed love appearance, romance can be complicated! Being alone (or having a partner and feeling lonely) can make you feel like it’s impossible to find true happiness. Free yourself from that restrictive mindset, and you’ll be able to think clearly and find peace.

Reversed Money & Career

You don’t have the same financial opportunities you used to, and it’s time to think responsibly. Seek a financial advisor or confide in a trusted family member or friend.

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