The Tower Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Most fear the Death card on Tarot, but it is The Tower that calls for the complete annihilation of your life as it is. This card should not be taken lightly and, if it finds you, you absolutely should prepare.

What Does The Tower Tarot Card Mean

Perched atop a rocky outcropping, what does the Tower card mean in Tarot? It shows strong and true. However, built on tedious ground, one strike of lightning is causing its destruction. Two humans are seen jumping to their assumed deaths attempting to escape the flames that engulf The Tower. While appearing heavily built, The Tower is obviously susceptible to annihilation as its strength was built on faulty premises.

The Tower Tarot Keywords

The Tower Tarot card upright card keywords are chaotic upheaval, destruction, immense revelation, abrupt awakening, and ultimate tragedy.

The Tower reversed keywords are avoidance, delaying the inevitable, unwanted personal transformation, and overall aversion to negative happenings.

The Tower may cause fear but it can also be a sign of good to come after the downfall.
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The Tower Upright Meaning

The Tower upright presages a crazy, chaotic ride. Major upheaval is coming. This could show up as a complete failure either financially or careerwise. This could also be something surrounding relationships such as a death or divorce. No matter how it shows up, it is here to dramatically destroy a part of you. With all this said, the inevitable destruction does bring the potential for a brighter future.

Upright Health

Upright health prediction that the Tower brings is a sudden onset of physical illness or accident. Be cautious with your surroundings and make sure to be making your health a priority. Manage your mental health as well and take the necessary steps to ensure your best function. Doing these things will not absolve the incoming issues, but it can help you handle them.

Upright Love

Having The Tower pulled upright doesn’t necessarily mean divorce, death, or the end of a relationship, but its upright love prediction does mean a very trying time. A time that will potentially push said relationship to the breaking point. As these times upfold, remember to take some time to breathe and be as empathetic as possible. If something is meant to end, this may mean there is something better coming toward you.

Upright Money and Career

The Tower upright money and career meaning can be especially scary. This card typically signifies major stress and insecurity in your job or with your financials. Exercise caution with spending and pay attention to any investments. You may not get out unscathed, but you may be able to do some damage control. Do not make any abrupt decisions with your career. Things do not need your help creating chaos.

Do not be overly cautious if The Tower shows up. It will happen either way.
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The Tower Reversed Meaning

Not many cards of the Major Arcana are a better option when reversed, but the Tower may just be. When seeing the Tower reversed, you should stop avoiding and face the fear, judgment, stress, or ending of something. Now, this may not sound good, but at least it is giving you time to take that deep breath and turn, on your own, to face these things. Upright more so shoves them down your throat. Reversed is a more hearty nudge warning you to brace yourself.

Reversed Health

Avoidance is never the way to handle a situation, especially when dealing with health matters. The Tower reversed health appearance says to stop looking left when your body is screaming to look right. Go to the doctor. Take control of your health. This will not go away just because you are ignoring it.

Reversed Love

Again, the Tower reversed love prediction is that: diverting your attention elsewhere will not make things better. If you are committed, you are aware that your relationship has run its course. The pain will be waiting for you when it ends, so end it already. If you are single, take a moment to really sit with your past traumas and make sure that you have healed. Again, the pain will be waiting no matter what. It is better to not allow it in the next relationship you enter.

Reversed Money and Career

The Tower reversed money and career meaning can signify that things are not overly chaotic. In this situation, this card is telling you that you narrowly avoided disaster... but should you have? Sometimes ruin leads to transformation. If you feel unhappy or unfulfilled, maybe losing a job is actually needed. If in financial constraints, maybe starting over is not the worst thing that could happen. Sit with these thoughts. See where they lead you.

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