The Devil Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Don't let this grim picture fool you, amazing realizations are able to be made from these interpretations. Interestingly, this is conditional upon its orientation. 

What Does The Devil Tarot Card Mean?

The Devil Tarot card meaning connects the unspoken depths of the subconscious mind to reality. These deeper beliefs might be grounding you in current circumstances.

The Devil Tarot Keywords

The Devil Tarot card upright card keywords: darkness, limitation, resistance, & barriers.

The Devil Upright Meaning

The subconscious thoughts and biases are in need of a greater focus.
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The Devil upright Tarot card meaning proposes darknesses deep within your soul are stealing the limelight. Look on to understand how these subconscious taboos play out.

Upright Health

The Devil upright health meaning admits to dependency or declining wellness. Not always an easy pill to swallow, but asking for help may be necessary to make way back to normal.

Upright Love

The Devil upright love meaning is particularly intriguing. It reveals opportunities for lustfulness or indulgence in selfish desires. Being stuck or pinned down in a current relationship is likely. Watch for danger or unhealthy behaviors in current or new relationships.

Upright Money & Career

The Devil upright money meaning illuminates feelings of greed for more material aspects. Don't let the need for power disrupt your conscious. Keep ahold of your finances, and don't let a boss or coworker push you around. 

The Devil Reversed Meaning

Recognizing subconscious restraints and bringing them to the surface is crucial with a reversed Devil.
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The Devil Tarot Card Reversed Meaning stands for more as it confesses deeply conscious discoveries of what has rooted you in place. Here is a very cheerful reminder towards a better future.

Reversed Health

Remember those negative patterns you recognized in yourself? Well, the Devil reversed health meaning indicates they are dissolving and replaced by better, more helpful ones. Don't lose focus now, as big transformations are not too far in the future.

Reversed Love

The Devil reversed love meaning hints at a dagger nearly evaded. If it is rejecting someone who would not have helped you grow, not blowing up or committing a drastic mistake, or just skirting past a detrimental individual, relish in the safety that now surrounds you.

Reversed Money & Career

The Devil reversed money and career meaning sheds clarity on the blurry situations. Keep playing your cards right as an end to the inadequate or helpless feelings from your work or finances is approaching.

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