The Star Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Don't worry, the reversal isn't too bad either. You might be intrigued to know what it holds in store!

What Does the Star Tarot Card Mean?

What does the star tarot card mean in relation to some key aspects of the human world?

The Star Tarot Keywords

The star tarot card upright card keywords: aspiration, ambition, dream, inspiration, & cause.

The Star Upright Meaning

The sun shines now on all that you can let go of as you are commencing upon a restful period.
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The Star upright means many hopeful & satisfying worldly means, including a persistent desire for better opportunities.

Upright Health

The upright health meaning allows for a breath of fresh air. After fighting a tough battle or small ailment, you may be recovering while in a process of rest.

Upright Love

Oh, what a happy message that upright love means! When or if a connection is just beginning, a lot of hope is precipitated that its future will be prosperous. Already in one? Well, you have someone whom you can enjoy all of life's encounters with!

Upright Money & Career

Potentially an even greater sign, the Star upright money and career meaning implies you are doing something right! Money seems to be well situated and your employment is serving you in satisfying ways. Expect good things.

The Star Reversed Meaning

A faint grogginess and inkling of detachment are not uncommon in this new reversed Star phase.
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Quite opposite, the Star reversed meaning suggests greater disconnection in life. Feeling weighed down by life right now is not uncommon with this pull.

Reversed Health

The reversed health bears witness to feelings of anxiety and excess worry. Try to not worry too much as these things aren't too serious. It can be easy in these times to think too much inside your head.

Reversed Love

The reversed love indications imply changes need to be made. Try opening up more or letting people get to know you for who you really are. Sometimes it is hard, however, you should try to step out of the comfort zone to create those lasting connections.

Reversed Money & Career

The Star reversed money and career meaning reveals a turning of a blind eye towards this facet of your life. Chances for advancement could have been unnoticed due to the heaviness felt in your job. Don't take too big of monetary risks either. Things will get better!

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