Temperance Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Look no further than the Temperance Tarot card. Consider taking some of these educated and calculated suggestions to help even the unsteadiness experienced in different situations.

What does the Temperance card mean in Tarot?

Now, a prominent inquiry is "what does the Temperance Tarot card mean?" These interpretations have an intense focus on balance.

Temperance Tarot Keywords

The Temperance Tarot card upright card keywords: equilibrium, stability, composure, & endurance.

Temperance Upright Meaning

The balancing act is over. Life seems to be nestled into the cracks perfectly for the time being!
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The Temperance upright Tarot meaning ultimately signifies peacefulness and stability in various realms of your existence.

Upright Health

For a deeper inspection of bodily and mental statuses, the Temperance upright health meaning implies that self-control and patience are driving factors at play. Whether they are food/eating, exercising, or self-talk, evaluate how the habits serve you. Avoid indulging in unhealthy ones!

Upright Love

Perhaps of more curiosity, the Temperance upright love meaning has extremely satisfying suggestions. The consistent theme here shows a rich and valuable connection between you and your partner, otherwise referred to as a soul mate!

Upright Money & Career

It shouldn't be a shock now that the Temperance upright money and career meaning implies things are moving along quite nicely. Finances and jobs stand together in camaraderie, which could mean being clear from debts or past losses!

Temperance Reversed Meaning

Not necessarily insinuating danger, but the reversal is a warning about neglection of key points and disharmony in life.
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The Temperance Tarot meaning reversed conveys feelings of unevenness or disequilibrium bubbling their way through the cracks. The potential for periods of recklessness is on the horizon.

Reversed Health

The health Tarot card reversed meaning proposes the neglection of wellness aspects and overindulging in habits that are chipping away at your health. These imbalances may go unnoticed, but you are encouraged to put into practice moderation techniques.

Reversed Love

Additionally, the Temperance reversed meaning love proposes that things just aren't adding up in the realm of romance. Either you or your partner is not putting the necessary energy into the relationship. The harmonious aspects of the relationship may be missing and it could potentially use a little extra tender loving care.

Reversed Money & Career

Finally, a frequently sought-after realm is the reversed money career meaning. This can go different ways for finances: you spend a few more dollars than is advised or you tend to be too prudent with your spending. It hints that the sweet spot of happiness within your career is just out of reach. Perhaps dive deep into what sets your soul on fire.

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