What Each Zodiac Sign Really Means When They Flirt With You?

By Helen P Apr 09, 2021
Question no more because this article is going to give you the rundown of exactly what goes on in each star sign's head!

Picture this: you meet someone new, and right from the get-go, they've got your attention. They're funny, vibrant, charming, and seemingly very interested in you! Things are going really well, but you can't help wondering – 'Is this person genuinely interested in me, or are they playing a game?'

Why do zodiac signs show interest? 

Sometimes it can be very hard to tell if a sign shows genuine affection or is just flirting for the fun of it. One day you'll feel so certain they're into you, and then the next, you'll kick yourself for ever thinking that. This game of 'maybe, maybe not' can get tedious pretty fast. So, cut yourself the detective work and read on to find out what each Zodiac sign really thinks while flirting.


This unpredictable fire sign is surprisingly obvious when it comes to who they're interested in. Aries is not the kind of sign to beat around the bush. If they like you, they will be bold about it and tell you straight up. Being the first of the Zodiac, Aries has that air of transparency about them. They don't hide their emotions or play games with people's feelings.

Why Aries flirts


As an earth sign, Taurus is renowned for being stable and consistent. They value security above all else, so the idea of a long-term relationship is very appealing to them. Taurus is not a big fan of short flings, so if they're flirting with you, then it means they do want to get to know you.

Why Taurus flirts


Gemini is one smooth talker. Ruled by communicative Mercury, Gemini flirts without even knowing it! This sign just can't help but attract people everywhere they go. Being around a Gemini can be very fun but don't mistake their natural charm for a sign of their interest in you. Gemini is a big social butterfly, very friendly with everyone. When they're flirting with you, they probably don't even realize they're doing it!

Why Gemini flirts


Cancer is the Zodiac's most caring sign. They are lovely people and are often very shy, too. So if a Cancer is attempting to make a move on you, you should know that it took a lot of courage from them to do so. Their flirting is definitely genuine, and their affection is innocently natural.

Why Cancer flirts


If there's one thing Leo loves, it's attention. Ruled by the Sun, it makes sense that Leo is the star of the show. They enjoy being admired and looked upon by others. If a Leo is flirting with you, they may just be doing it for a bit of fun and attention. Make sure you don't fall too hard with Leo's theatrical act.

Why Leo flirts


At their core, Virgo is a perfectionist. They want everything done in a certain way and will not accept anything below their standards. This rule applies to partners as well. Virgo is extremely picky when it comes to who they let into their life. So, if a Virgo is giving you the eyes, then you can be sure they're genuinely interested in you.

Why Virgo flirts


Libra is one of the most charming signs out there. Ruled by seductive Venus, Libra is dripping in charisma. They are a very light-hearted, playful sign who can't help but flirt with anyone that looks their way. However, when a Libra is interested in you, they'll drop everyone around them as quick as a flash. So, if Libra has their eye on only you, then you'll definitely know about it.

Why Libra flirts


Scorpio is known for being one of the most intense Zodiac signs. They are a highly sexual and seductive sign that has a very magnetic personality. Scorpio enjoys the passion and rush in short-term flings. So, for them, flirting is usually just a way into a short-term arrangement. However, if a Scorpio is genuinely interested in someone, they'll slow down and try to get to know the person.

Why Scorpio flirts


At their core, all Sagittarius wants is freedom. They love adventure and independence, so they don't usually think about long-term relationships that much. Their optimistic and friendly nature makes it very easy to fall for them, but you need to watch out! Sagittarius doesn't like to be tied down, so if they're flirting with you, it's usually just for fun.

Why Sagittarius flirts


Capricorn knows what they want in life and doesn't wait around to get it. They are very decisive people and usually have their life planned out. This means Capricorn doesn't play around when it comes to flirting. What they say is what they mean. Capricorn is quite a reserved sign, so if they're making romantic advances on you, then it is truly genuine.

Why Capricorn flirts


Aquarius is an accidental flirt. They are incredibly charismatic and flirtatious without even knowing it! However, when an Aquarius is actually interested in someone, they are very shy about it. They'll try too hard to impress them and lose their natural charm. So, if Aquarius' flirting seems a little awkward, then it probably is genuine.

Why Aquarius flirts


Pisces is a sucker for all things dreamy and romantic. They enjoy feeling wanted and pursued. However, Pisces does tend to have an escapist nature. This means commitment is not always their strong suit. Most of the time, Pisces will just flirt with you because they want some romance in their life.

Why Pisces flirts

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