Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Suit of Cups

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Childhood is a time of carefree play and naive innocence for many. If you have lost the child in you, it’s high time you found it again. Stop being so serious! Take the time to feel the sun on your face and the grass under your feet. Maturing is a part of life, but you do not have to lose track of the simple pleasures while moving through it.

What Does Six of Cups Tarot Card Mean

A child’s purity shines as the Six of Cups meaning. As the boy gives a cup full of flowers to the small girl, we see peace, security, and innocence here. The background is a home courtyard where the kids can play and live out their imaginations without consequence or fear of the outside world. All the cups are filled, signifying prosperity and, potentially, the many childhood memories we ourselves leave behind.

Six of Cups Tarot Keywords

  • We are met with childhood, happiness, purity, safety, uncomplicatedness, nostalgia, and homesickness when the card is pulled upright.
  • When reversed, we can see maturity, growth, assuming responsibility, seriousness, independence, and leaving home.
Six of Cups asks that you connect with your inner child and do the work that may need to be done
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Six of Cups Upright Meaning

If you see Six of Cups upright, this is connecting you to the past and your family. You could be dealing with a loss from childhood, a family member, or a version of your childhood self. This could also be telling you to lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously. You can enjoy the simple things in life and let go every so often.

Upright Health

Representing a good omen of fertility, this can also be calling on you to stop living such a hurried life. Stress ages you prematurely. This could also be a sign for you to spend the time you have with an ill loved one. You may regret it if you do not.

Upright Love

Though typically seen in a joyful outlook, here we can see trouble in a relationship. There could be a sort of childish behavior that is not helping anyone. It could also show that you are still pining over a lost love or childhood sweetheart. In these cases, taking responsibility and recognizing your own feelings is key to moving forward.

Upright Money and Career

Six of Cups career is a time of creative teamwork and progress. You may find yourself working with the youth directly. With finances, this is a time of charitable giving and receiving. Abundance will be flowing through you.

Becoming independent is such a ride but Six of Cups wants to remind you to never disconnect from your roots
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Six of Cups Reversed Meaning

Depending on supporting cards, the Six of Cups reversed can be seen as the forward progression from the young age, maturing independence, or healing from childhood trauma. It could also be showing you that you are still stuck in your childhood and need to release the ties it has to you.

Reversed Health

There may be fertility issues here. Illness can be linked to your genetics or stored emotional childhood trauma. All of these are meant to be overcome, and with the proper help and support, you will do it well.

Reversed Love

When you see Six of Cups reversed love come to you, you need to be willing to see a difficult truth. You are holding on too tightly to your past. There is so much abundance and love to be had all around you. Comparing potential new partners to old ones will only get you more of what you had, which is in the past for a reason, or nothing at all. Get out of your own way.

Reversed Money and Career

You are suffocating when Six of Cups career shows up. You may feel the desire to spread your wings and leave the safety of your job. This is your sign to do just that. Move forward with creativity and see all the doors open to you. With your finances, this is a wonderful sign that you are growing and maturing in your financial independence. You are on a solid path.

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