Five of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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This is a very heavy, emotional pick. You may feel the world falling around you, but know that this too shall pass. You do not have to stay in this bog of anguish if you adjust your vision and look for the potential in the destruction. 

What Does Five of Cups Tarot Card Mean

Looking forlornly at the three toppled cups stands a person in a long cloak. The sadness and despair are evident by their slouched shoulders and hanging head, yet, seemingly unbeknownst to them, two full cups sit just behind. If only this person turned around, they would see not all is lost. In the distance, we see a bridge and castle, signifying the safety and comfort of home if they could just move on and cross the bridge. 

Five of Cups Tarot Keywords

The Five of Cups keywords are emotionally heavy, both upright and reversed. 

Upright, we see grief, despair, agony, trauma, anger, and isolation.

Reversed, there is a letting go of sorrow, healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. 

Five of Cups is emotionally heavy but has a silver lining if you look
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Five of Cups Upright Meaning

It seems that every negative emotion is bottled up within Five of Cups upright. There is a deep sadness and emptiness here. You may have suffered a death or separation that has you reeling. While these are hard and heavy emotions to harbor, see the silver lining as there are still two cups behind you filled to the brim. Take the time you need within these emotions, but you do not need to stay here. Recognizing the two full cups is enough to start the movement out of this dark place. 

Upright Health

It is all about mental health right now. You may be suffering from depression or isolation due to a trauma you have endured. While everyone moves through their emotions at different paces, be careful not to spend too much time here without seeking help. Try to get back out into the world at your own pace. Remember: there is always help through loved ones, doctors, or support groups. 

Upright Love

As relationships bring out many emotions, so does this. You may have a feeling of anguish over a loss or breakup. This heartbreak may be so deep you feel unable to communicate it effectively to others. There is no need to explain. You are allowed the feelings you have, but do not let them swallow you whole. Meet up with friends, family, or coworkers. If you have a partner, this is not the best omen, as we see separation and abandonment everywhere here. Do not jump to conclusions, though. Make sure you are communicating effectively and move cautiously through this timeframe. 

Upright Money and Career

Take things one step at a time here. You may see the demise of a career or financial decision, but do not make hasty moves. Attempt to mitigate the fallout with a calm, collected outlook. There is always a silver lining, though it may be difficult to find here. 

Moving through your grief and seeing the light is something Five of Cups is trying to teach
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Five of Cups Reversed Meaning

Five of Cups reversed sees a time of opening up and acceptance to your situation. There is healing and movement here. Whether in a personal or career sense, you have the strength to take positive steps forward. You are able and willing to accept help, and those two full cups seem to be in your line of sight now. While it has been difficult, this signifies the ending of the difficulty. The sun is coming out from behind those clouds. 

Reversed Health

You are able to release negative, stagnant energy and pain here and move forward with positive, flowing energy. This will enable immense healing for you both physically and spiritually. 

Reversed Love

Five of Cups reversed love is all about rejoining the world. You are at a place to forgive the past for the hurt and trauma inflicted on you and move forward with an open heart. Forgiveness and progression flow, and you are ready for the next step in your romantic life. 

Reversed Money and Career

There is a possibility of coming back from a major setback. You may be able to salvage a fallout with an employer or a crumpled business. Financially, you may be able to bounce back. Either way, you are getting back on track and taking advantage of the opportunities of those two full cups. 

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