How He Shows He Loves You

By Nataly Porter Dec 15, 2022
Sometimes it’s too hard for a man to pronounce the three magic words that make a woman’s heart beat faster. Luckily, other silent ways often speak much louder than simple words. How does your partner prove he loves you without ever saying it out loud?

Here's how he shows that he loves you!


March 21 - April 19

Aries people are very protective, and Aries men, of course, are no exception. He may not necessarily feel that you belong to him only but he still has this deep feeling of responsibility towards his loved one. He doesn’t want anyone to scare you or do you any harm that’s why he’ll be extremely protective in all situations that may lead to any unpleasant result. Be more attentive to your significant other and never be too shy or uncaring to miss such important signs of love and devotion without saying at least a simple “Thank you”

How He Shows He Loves You: Aries


April 20 - May 20

The most evident sign of Taurus’ love is his open-mindedness. In the majority of situations, Taureans don’t like to participate in tough conversations or arguments preferring to avoid conflicting thoughts and opposing opinions. However, a Taurus in love doesn’t want you to think that he disregards your words and is ready to even start a hard dialogue to show he’s interested in what you’re saying. If you notice your Taurus partner behaves similarly – you’re a lucky girl!


May 21 - June 20

Gemini is a complicated sign and it’s always hard to say what to expect from a man born under it. He hardly ever follows anybody’s rules preferring to do something unpredictable. However, if he loves you, he’ll surely include you in the process of planning and coming to a decision. The more you’re included in his life, the more you can be sure that this guy is truly in love with you. Make sure you’re attentive to such signs and don’t leave them unnoticed!


June 21 - July 22

In the majority of cases, Cancer men are loving and caring both to their partners and to other people. However, there is a special sign that will prove that your Cancer man loves you – he starts to talk to you about his special needs. This simple fact shows that he trusts you enough to let you into his private life; he’s ready to rely on you and wants you to take care of him when necessary. Be especially attentive to such little signs and you’ll be surprised to see how you grateful your dear one will be!

How He Shows He Loves You: Cancer


July 23 - August 22

As many of us know, Leo guys are mainly interested in themselves only. This means that if you see your Leo partner genuinely interested in your life, your feelings, and emotions you can be sure – he is much more than just in sympathy with you. If you notice his attention to your personality and wants to know more about you, spend time with you and lets you into his life just relax and enjoy the moment (which can last for decades)!


August 23 - September 22

Virgo men are demanding men indeed. They have extremely high standards making it hard for people around to even communicate with them. It’s frustrating to be close to a person who wants more than others can give him. On the other hand, it gives you a good chance to see if a Virgo person starts experiencing a deeper feeling to you. If he ignores all your flaws and imperfections, seldom (or never) criticizes you – relax, his feelings towards you are deep. He doesn’t judge you and seems not to notice all the unpleasant things he notices in others.


September 23 - October 23

Libra people are naturally good and do their best to please others. The same rule works when they deal with their dear ones – when they’re in love, they stand firmly behind you and are always ready to defend you. Regardless of the situation you find themselves in, they stay at your side realizing you need their help and protection. Be attentive to such small yet important signs and don’t forget to thank your Libra partner when you feel he deserved it.

How He Shows He Loves You: Libra


October 24 - November 22

One of the most closed zodiac signs, Scorpio guys are very secretive even when they’re inside their circle of dearest friends. When you realize that you’re allowed to learn about the most intimate aspects of your Scorpio partner’s life you can be sure that he loves you. Scorpio’s trust is hard to win or deserve and when you do, love is surely at least a bit responsible for the fact. Try to pay more attention to such signs and you’ll see your Scorpio loves you without him saying a word!


November 23 - December 21

When your Sag partner is in love his intentions towards you become more serious. He’s ready to anchor and lead a slower life together with you. If your Sagittarius dear one spent a lot of time clubbing with his friends before when he’s in love things change a lot. He plants his roots and becomes a truly “domesticated” man which means he’s ready for a marriage or even a big family. Don’t waste these precious moments and don’t make him prove anything – love words are just needless to say now!


December 22 - January 19

Caps belong to the signs who know pretty well what sacrificing is. People of the sign are ready to sacrifice a lot to reach their goals and make their dreams come true. However, when you realize that your Capricorn partner sacrifices his energy and his time for you, you can be sure he’s in love with you. Don’t be in debt and try to give just a little bit more of your time, attention and love to your Capricorn significant others in return.

How He Shows He Loves You: Capricorn


January 20 - February 19

Aquarians are natural loners who prefer spending time alone to messing around with crowds of people. They do so because they believe staying alone is much more productive and helps them avoid distractions. Consequently, when you see that your Aquarius mate spends quite a lot of time with you and enjoys your company it can mean only one thing – he likes you and probably even loves you. Enjoy the moment and let your Aquarius partner enjoy your relationship, too.


February 20 - March 20

Pisces people are one of the most romantic zodiac representatives for whom it’s often pretty hard to perceive reality. They prefer to live a rather immature life and possess childish optimism that raises a thick wall between them and the world around. With you, a Pisces man in love grows up (or at least makes attempts) to grow up and become not a daydreaming infant but a man who can, and will, protect his woman.

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