Page of Wands Meaning: Suit of Wands

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What does Page of Wands Tarot card mean

This card is represented by a man holding a staff in front of his body. But what does the Page of Wands mean? It represents meeting new people, drifting away from others, and anything that involves a fresh perspective.

Page of Wands Tarot Keywords

The Page of Wands keywords appear different depending on how you look at them.

If drawn upright: bliss, excitement, exploration, new beginnings, outgoing.

If drawn reversed: lazy, out of touch, dull, unamused. 

The page of wands indicates fresh ideas, especially artistic ones!
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Page of Wands Upright Meaning

The Page of Wands upright indicates fresh ideas and new beginnings. Whether this feeling is found in nature, art, or people, it always announces exciting opportunities to come!

Upright Health

This selection presages exciting new feats for your health and fitness journey. Maybe you've recently joined a gym or have been thinking about doing so. You're already a step in the right direction!

Upright Love

When choosing the Page of Wands upright, love is usually on the horizon. Whether you're meeting someone new or just excited to explore things further with your partner, things are looking up!

Upright Money & Career

You're feeling adventurous, like maybe it's time to take on a new project or even head on a new career path. Either way, your positive attitude about the whole ordeal will make your next career transition better. 

In reverse, the page of wands indicates boredom and a lack of excitement in one's life.
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Page of Wands Reversed Meaning

The Page of Wands reversed is quite lackluster compared to its upright counterpart. It signifies a loss of excitement in one's life and a need to be reinvigorated. 

Reversed Health

When choosing the Page of Wands reversed, health is an area to pay close attention to. You've fallen out of your exercise routine and haven't been able to hold yourself accountable for much. The longer you wait to make a change, the more difficult it will be to bounce back. 

Reversed Love

Perhaps your relationship feels boring or the dating scene isn't for you. When selecting the Page of Wands reversed, love should be considered. Although you're content where you're at, you sometimes miss the thrill you once felt.

Reversed Money & Career

The Page of Wands means you may not be reaching your full potential when it comes to making money. You've hit a wall in your career, and it might be time to move on to welcome that excitement back into your life.

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