Knight of Wands Meaning: Suit of Wands

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What does Knight of Wands Tarot card mean

The Knight of Wands meaning is fierce and fiery! It’s normally a positive card, but can also point to an ego problem.

Knight of Wands Tarot Keywords

The Knight of Wands keywords vary depending on how the card is being read.

If drawn upright: passion, courageous, pleasant, heroic.

If drawn in a reversed position: surface level, arrogant, shallow, rash.

The king of wands means you are being the hero
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Knight of Wands Upright Meaning

The Knight of Wands upright is all about fulfilling your story as the hero or rescuer. But you’re not just doing it for the accolades; you’ve truly become passionate about helping others.

Upright Health

You’ve been surrounded by sick people lately, and you’re happy to be the hero in someone else’s narrative. Whether it’s running errands for a friend or just getting them on the phone to catch up, people really do appreciate the support you offer them.

Upright Love

When it comes to the Knight of Wands upright, love is an intense subject. You’ve been exploring a passionate romance but aren’t sure if it’s the right match. 

Upright Money & Career

Work doesn’t feel like work when you love your job. You’re lucky enough to be experiencing this feeling since you have a passion for your profession. Don’t take this situation for granted, as many people want to be in your shoes!

The knight of wands can indicate shallowness in a person.
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Knight of Wands Reversed Meaning

The Knight of Wands reversed means you’re doing the right things, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Your ego is inflated and have been acting shallow, especially toward your friends and family.

Reversed Health

You’ve gotten too familiar with the term, “ignorance is bliss” lately. When selecting the Knight of Wands reversed, health is important. Choosing to ignore potential health issues won’t make them go away!

Reversed Love

When selecting Knight of Wands reversed, love is a touchy subject. You’ve been making assumptions based on appearances and setting unrealistic standards for partners or potential partners. If you don’t change, people will get hurt. 

Reversed Money & Career

When choosing the Knight of Wands reversed, career is something to consider closely. You’re so focused on making the most money possible that you’re not careful with you who hurt along the way. You might want to revisit your values. 

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