Knight Of Pentacles Meaning: Suit of Pentacles

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There are two very distinct paths for you to choose from. One has growth, drive, and wisdom for accomplishment. The other is reckless and makes frivolous decisions based on immediate emotion. No thought goes with you down this path. Remember, the path shown here is not the path you must stay on—unless you want to.

What Does Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean

The Knight of Pentacles Tarot card meaning is that of steadfastness. Perched on his dutiful mount, the Knight looks studiously at the pentacle in hand. He is prepared as ever to take on the tasks needed to bring about his goals. In the background, a field patiently plowed and ready for the season ahead, signifying the willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Keywords

When upright, we see a connection with self and nature, persistence, ambition, productivity, patience, level-headedness, calmness, and fortitude.

When reversed, we see irresponsibility, apathy, lack of ambition, boredom, pessimism, instability, and weakness.

There is a steadiness in the Knight of Pentacles that calms those around its presence.
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Knight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The Knight of Pentacles upright meaning highlights the common sense needed to navigate the world efficiently. You have practicality and trust in self that gives you the drive to see what your life is right now and what it could be. You do not shy away from hard work and will finish the things you start. Much like a good patriarch, you provide for those you love and take care of the less fortunate to the best of your ability. You would give the shirt from your back without hesitation. People love and respect your goodness.

Upright Health

There is strength and energy for you here. If you have been ill, this is a good omen that you will come through it with a renewed sense of physical power. Get back to the basics of eating nutritious foods and exercising out in nature. These things will further promote the health you seek. 

Upright Love

Knight of Pentacles upright love is the master of a Knight in shining armor vision. Protective, patient, and stable, your relationship embodies these things well, and you find comfort and security here. If single, you are done playing games and are looking for the real deal now. You will be successful at finding such a partner.

Upright Money and Career

There is much good fortune for you. You are not looking for quick schemes and are willing to drive toward strong foundations and lofty career and financial goals. This is a great omen that all those things will come to you. Right now would be ideal to set out on your own. There is no fear around those dreams. You will find the success you seek through your hard work and ambition. 

Knight of Pentacles is grounded and wise but also driven and ambitious.
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Knight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

The Knight of Pentacles in reverse meaning is one of lack. A lack of mindfulness and action abounds here. You want all the recognition without doing the work. You have beautiful dreams but no desire to take steps to get them. There is a part of you that thinks they are owed to you, so you do nothing, wondering why the world is not giving you your rewards. You are owed nothing that you have not created with your own hands. Get up and start working toward the goals you say you want. This could also represent a workaholic obsessed with material things, thinking that status makes them better than others. There are hard lessons to be learned.

Reversed Health

There are two extremes here that you could be embodying. On the one hand, you could be absolutely lazy, unable to take care of yourself, and fully aware that you are wasting away slowly. One or the other, you are so over the edge that you cannot see how hard you are working your body. Like anything, when pushed too hard, there is a possibility of breakdown or injury. You need to take action on either extreme. Either start the process of healthy eating and movement again or, if extreme, calm down and try some more soothing exercises like walking or yoga.

Reversed Love

When you find the Knight of Pentacles love reverse pulled, you need to reevaluate your commitments. There is dullness and boredom happening within the relationship. This could have led to infidelity. If you want to keep the partner, it is time to spice things up or try new activities together. If single, now is not the time to try to find commitment. Date casually and have fun, but be wary of wanting more as you may not find the partner you were hoping for.

Reversed Money and Career

Again, there is a possibility of extremes here. You may feel stuck in your career. You are indifferent to your goals and just living on replay from day to day. This is all of your own making. You are the only one that can pull yourself out of this rut. Within your career, do not attempt to take on responsibility unless you are committed to following through, as it will be massively detrimental if you let this ball drop. If you are the other side of the coin, you are working endlessly for the status gain, but you do not feel depth in it. You may have the money, cars, and prestige, but what you are really looking for with worthiness. This is not something you find in material things. You will need to learn this before you will be able to get off the hamster wheel. Financially, you are frivolous and make mindless purchases.

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