Causes of Your Problems, According to Your Sign

By Nataly Porter Nov 02, 2020
Astrology is a science that gives each of us numerous characteristics. We all have a zodiac sign, a Chinese sign, our zodiac element (Water, Earth, etc.), our ruling planet, our house of the zodiac, and lots of other specific characteristics that make us what we are. However, there is one more thing you most probably haven’t heard of – the modality of signs. !

What Is the Modality of Signs?

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The modalities of signs are three categories all zodiac signs are divided into. Don’t miss them with the astrological elements that include Water, Earth, Air, and Fire – these things are different! Each modality contains reps of every zodiac element. For example, Cardinal signs include Aries (Fire), Capricorn (Earth), Libra (Air), and Cancer (Water). To differentiate between them, there is one thing you should keep in mind: while elements convey the qualities of zodiac signs, modalities show how these qualities are expressed. 


What Modalities Do We Know?

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There are four Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn; four Fixed Signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius; and four Mutable Signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. 

Cardinal Signs begin the season – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter respectively. They are considered the “Ideological leaders” of the zodiac who like to be first in everything they try or start. The trendsetters of the zodiac, they always know what the crowd likes and wants.

Fixed signs go next. They stay in the middle of seasons and therefore stabilize them. They frequently take the ideas produced by the reps of cardinal signs and make something real out of them. They like to plan their own lives as well as the lives of their close ones, love “to-do” lists, and will turn any bright plan or idea into a real thing.

Mutable Signs are the last on the list but not the least important ones. They end the seasons and know all the secrets of each of them. They aim at making sure other signs are ready for the ends of seasons; they’re the wise men of the zodiac who know more than others. The changes of seasons don’t scare them, and they quickly adapt to the toughest situations if they have to. 

What Is Zen and What Are the Reasons for Our Problems?

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Zen has two meanings. On one hand, it’s a way of meditation that helps us relax and feel quieter; on the other hand, it’s a life path that leads us to enlightenment. According to Zen, three main problems prevent us from reaching peace and success – they are anger, greed, and ignorance. Signs of each modality face these problems differently and fight them in their way. 

Cardinal Signs: Anger

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Aries people need self-assertion for survival; however, sometimes it can turn into blind anger, which can cause suffering to both Aries natives and their close ones. Dear Aries, you should, of course, protect what you consider right but learn to cope with selfishness. 

People born under Cancer rarely come to somebody’s mind when we think of anger. However, think of it – Cancer is the sign that stands for home. How many wars have there been to protect the homeland of people? How much anger do we carry from our childhood? Dear Cancer, remember that home must be a safe place and don’t turn it into a battlefield! 

Libra people can express their anger when it comes to standing against their enemies. Besides, Libra is a sign of relationships, and it’s well-known that our relationships most often become a cause of anger and even hatred. Zen advises you to strive for the harmony you symbolize and try to stay away from anxiety and rows. 

Capricorn is about ambition. When Cap people can control their ambitions they can reach a lot; however, sometimes they start thinking that they are the center of the universe and pursue prestige more than success and valuable achievements. Dear Capricorn, never forget who you are and what good things you can bring to this world!

Fixed Signs: Greed

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For Taurus people, material things are extremely important. This can sometimes become a problem because they can envy other people or demand something they can’t get. Dear Taurus, learn to be happy with what you’ve got and never forget that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! 

Leo people want to shine bright and love it when others notice and praise them. However, it can play Old Harry with them, and they can become too greedy for attention and appreciation. Dear Leo, be careful about this, and don’t lose your natural ability to be bright by your excessive attempts. 

Scorpio is the sign of desire, and they want to own their partners completely and be owned by them, too. What is it if not greed? Dear Scorpio, think of it and your attitude to the people around you, and you’ll notice that sometimes a milder way is a better way. 

Aquarius natives are best described by innovation and rebellion. Being different from others is their “cherry on the cake”, and sometimes it makes them want more opportunities to show they’re different and unique. Dear Aquarius, get rid of this desire to be too unique and enjoy what you’ve got!

Mutable Signs: Ignorance

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Gemini is the “monkey mind” of the zodiac and frequently fails to see and comprehend the full picture. To understand things better, dear Gemini, look deeper and don’t be too superficial in your conclusions. 

Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac that demands the same from others, too. However, sometimes Virgo people forget or prefer to ignore it that not everybody needs their advice or consultation. Dear Virgo, always think twice before offering your help as not everybody needs it!

Sagittarius natives always strive for knowledge and wisdom. Nevertheless, prejudice and pomposity often get in their way, preventing them from seeing the world around in the way it is. Dear Sag, don’t forget to keep your mind open when forming your opinion of something.

Pisces representatives are all about love. The opposite side of this coin is the inevitable delusion that comes sooner or later. It’s not a mere chance that the 12th House of Illusions is the one most often associated with Pisces. Don’t mix dreams with the wisdom of the real world, dear Pisces!

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