Special Letters of your Name: A – M

By Eugenia Jan 30, 2023
See why the first letter of your name is so important for your personality and check the meaning of yours!

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Your name as a whole shapes your life but some letters of your name are even more important. Those special letters are the Cornerstone and the Capstone. They reveal your both negative and positive traits, your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

The first letter of your first name is known as the Cornerstone. The Capstone is the last letter of your name.

Note: it is advised to use your birth name to analyze your personality from this point of view!


Letter A

If you have A as your special name letter, you are probably driven by motivation. If you have a certain goal, you will do anything possible to achieve it. You love your freedom and value the idea of being independent. You accomplish your goals in your own special way. Your strong willpower makes you a doer in life. You do not refrain from taking chances and responsibilities because you are not afraid of anything. You never give up. Your only issue is that you are not flexible enough and sometimes can be stubborn. If you want to learn more about your life and personality, check out this reading. Get ready for a reality check!


If you have the letter B in your name, you are probably very sentimental, sensitive, and a bit reserved. Your essence is peaceful and organized. You tend to be honest and transparent in your way of thinking. Your only issue is that you can be a bit too conservative and rigid in terms of accepting and exploring new ideas. You stick to your ideologies and refuse to explore something new. Try being more flexible and adaptable.


If you have the letter C in your name, you are probably very emotional and very vocal when expressing your emotions. You are never embarrassed to share your thoughts – you don’t care if others may find them silly. You are very joyful, optimistic, and enthusiastic. You never lack motivation. Your optimism and spontaneity help you connect well with the people around you. The only issue of yours is that you often lack focus and direction. You tend to change your mind a bit too often. By the way, there are hidden energies in your life. What do they mean? See here. 


Letter В

Those with the letter D in their names tend to be logical and analytical. If you have this letter in your name, you are probably methodical, pragmatic, realistic, and just love analyzing things. Your precise nature helps you achieve your goals. You’re also pretty creative when it comes to problem-solving skills: you never fail to come up with an innovative and smart idea. You are more of an achiever than a dreamer. Your only issue is that you sometimes tend to be inflexible.


If you have the letter E in an important position in your name, you are probably quite active and always seek pleasures in life. You will probably get married twice. Freedom and equality are the most important things for you. It’s fairly easy for you to connect with new people and become friends with them. You’re a social creature. You tend to be very sensible and emotional. It is a hell of a task to fool you. You have that special ability to look at issues from different perspectives. Your only flaw is that you sometimes lack discipline and patience.


Having the letter F in your name makes you a very optimistic person. You have tons of positive traits that make people around you fall in love with you. You’re cheerful, sympathetic and sensible. You bond with others with ease – this ability makes it possible for you to feel other people’s emotions. You can almost read other people’s thoughts! But this ability may also be an issue for you because it’s possible to slip into depression when you interfere too much in other people’s lives and sacrifice your own life for the sake of others.


Letter G

If you have the letter G in your name, you have an extremely powerful aura. You tend to think a lot about the world around yourself; you’re very determined and dedicated to your commitments. You focus on the right direction and just walk toward success. Your thinking process tends to be pragmatic. It’s easy for you to create opportunities for yourself and use them. You are always well-organized and systematic. You may also have the unique ability to be a psychic or a spiritualist.


You are quite self-dependent and tend to never doubt your own opinions if you have the letter H in your name. You think outside the box and have a very creative nature. You’re probably a writer or a painter. Your issue is that you tend to waste your money on trivial matters. You are, however, never fail to make enough money at the same pace. Sometimes you need to be alone and analyze your own thoughts and heal your wounds. You also sometimes tend to be skeptical and may hurt others with your sarcastic remarks.


If you have the letter I in your name, you are very sentimental in nature. You are empathetic and careful about not hurting people around you or causing them inconvenience. You are also a natural artist and tend to be very creative. If you feel there’s no balance, you get nervous and may become prone to small but annoying mistakes. Harmony is extremely important to you. Another important aspect of your personality is that you always avoid extremes and do your best to maintain stability.


Letter О

If you have the letter J in your name, you are honest, faithful, dependable and free from deceit. You are also known to be heartfelt – that’s why you tend to connect with people around you with ease. You always care about other people’s well-being due to your kind and affectionate nature. It’s very important for you to help those who need your support. If you don’t help others, you just feel useless. You would do anything just to please others if they mean a lot to you. Other important characteristics of your personality are that you are very motivated, smart, creative, and talented.


Having the letter K in your name makes you very intuitive and empathetic. You have a brilliant mind. You’re an achiever: if you see a goal you want to achieve, you will do everything possible to do so. You are strong-willed and even authoritative at times. Your beautiful personality has many sides – and not all of them are positive. You tend to be dubious, nervous, and sometimes fearful which can affect your life negatively. Make sure to use your unique talents and abilities most efficiently and not be doubtful about yourself.


If you have the letter L in your name, you are probably intelligent and tend to look at things from various perspectives – that’s why it’s easy for you to analyze things and come up with an innovative solution when you face a certain problem. But you’re usually not very quick at making decisions or taking action when it’s needed – it takes you much time to analyze things. (If you need help making a decision, use this spread!) You are very genuine and truthful – you just hate pretending to be someone else. You probably travel frequently because experiencing new things is essential for you.


Letter M

If the letter M is in your name, you probably are a very hard-working individual who never feels tired – you may be called a workaholic. (And if you want to take your career to the next level – of course, you do – try this reading!) You always try to do your best when you’re pursuing your goals and nothing can stop you from achieving them. If you are doing something, you do it well. You may also be physically strong and healthy. Family is one of the most important things for you. The only negative trait of yours is your impatience. You lose your temper quite often. Make sure to be calmer when you deal with other people!

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