How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Grief

By Ashley Ferraro Mar 30, 2023
Learn how you and your loved ones' astrological signs deal with grief so you know what to expect and how to help.

As much as we hate to hear it, grief and sorrow are emotions we'll inevitably face throughout our lives. Just as lucky as we are to experience life's ecstatic highs, we're pained to suffer the lows. It's a trade-off we make as humans.

How Does Each Zodiac Sign Behave When Faced with Grief? 

Every zodiac sign copes with the loss of a loved one differently. Some seek comfort in friends and family, while others withdraw and heal from within. Some need months or even years to mourn, while others bounce back in weeks. However, the most important realization is that just because someone grieves differently from you, it doesn't invalidate their grieving experience. It can be helpful to learn how you and your loved ones' astrological signs deal with grief, so you will know what to expect. 

Aries normally waits until they're all alone to break down and grieve.
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Aries is known for their courage, even while faced with grief. Although they will struggle with anger and denial, Aries will step up and be strong while those around them fall apart. It's not easy, but Aries realizes how much others depend on them during tough times. Due to their noble demeanor, they won't allow others to see them crumble, but they will often break down in private. Keeping composure makes the grieving process extremely difficult, but they're happy to do it for their loved ones. 


As stubborn as they can be, Taurus always tries to deal with grief using logic. However, they soon learn that the pain of grief is beyond rationale. During tough times, Taurus will finally succumb to the idea of leaning on loved ones for support. They'll be reminded that their friends and family are their greatest support system and will even offer up a shoulder to cry on. Taurus' bravery and composure will outshine any of their unfavorable qualities, making the grieving process more manageable. 


Gemini is typically the most optimistic of all the zodiac signs. However, this attitude quickly slips away when dealing with grief and loss. Since their standard coping mechanism cannot handle the emotions that come with grief, they will have a hard time processing loss and often remain in denial. For this reason, the loss of a loved one can be a powerful lesson for Gemini. They will spend this period doing a ton of introspection and getting closer to the people they still have in their lives. 

Cancer deals with grief by physically holding their loved ones close.
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Dubbed one of the most sensitive and emotional signs, Cancer deals with grief very outwardly. They will not even attempt to hold back feelings of sadness and rage in the presence of others. They will need long hugs with their loved ones and will find it helpful to talk through the pain rather than bottle it all up. Grief is a very messy and chaotic experience for Cancer, but the best way to work through it is by expelling any guilt they might be holding on to and keeping their loved ones close. 


A natural-born leader, Leo typically sets aside their own emotions and allows others to lean on them during times of grief and sorrow. Although it can be difficult, Leo finds that acting as a beacon of hope while their loved ones grieve alongside them is the best way to heal. However, this ability to shepherd doesn't discount Leo's vulnerability and angst. There'll be plenty of times when they break down in private and are forced to face the truth. Leo requires just as much care as anyone else. 


Grief is a complicated emotion for Virgo, and they don't know how to deal with it alone. Although their independence is one of their strong suits, grief is unprecedented territory that will knock Virgo off their feet. While dealing with the pain of loss and heartbreak, Virgo will need constant reassurance from others. The healing process will not always be linear, but having friends and family around to work through hardships together will make a world of difference to Virgo while they grieve. 

Libra will spend a lot of time crying before they move past their grief.
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Grief is a slow and painful experience for Libra. A zodiac sign that finds comfort in keeping a balanced life, Libra struggles with grief throwing off any sense of harmony they ever had. However, this sign is lucky to have people who support them no matter what, including through a prolonged healing process. Throughout this time, Libra will find consolation in the memories they have with the person they lost. They will need to work through emotions like regret and doubt but will emerge stronger.


Despite Scorpio's serious demeanor, they are actually one of the most emotional astrological signs. Their mourning process includes crying, sharing memories, and leaning on friends and family for affection. In general, Scorpio craves deep connection. Fulfilling this need while they grieve a loss makes the process slightly less painful. And as much as Scorpio prefers to put up a wall and never show any sign of weakness, grief teaches them the importance of practicing trust and allowing people in.


Sagittarius tends to cope with grief by putting on a happy face. By bringing joy and positivity to everyone around them, they, in turn, will start to feel better. That's not to say Sagittarius isn't emotional or sensitive. They express their emotions by focusing on the silver lining and keeping the spirits of loved ones elevated. The truth is, everyone wants to be around a Sagittarius when times get tough. Sagittarius says and does all the right things even throughout their own grieving process.

During the grieving process, Capricorn spends a lot of time crying and wondering where they went wrong.
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Capricorn's enthusiasm for life can quickly reverse into stark disapproval of death. While grieving, they often feel lost and continuously ask themselves, "How could this have happened?" As an earth sign, Capricorn can easily spiral into deep, often overwhelming sorrow, when faced with loss. Because of this, it might take Capricorn longer than other signs to reach the acceptance phase of grieving. However, Capricorn is determined to overcome their sadness and will come out of it a better person. 


When it comes to grief, Aquarius can be closed off. Sometimes, people around them assume that they simply don't care. The truth is, Aquarius cares so deeply that they often can't bear expressing their emotions. It's just too painful for them, especially when it comes to losing a loved one. The mourning process for Aquarius is a long and lonely one. However, they'll find comfort in being supportive of others. By offering small gestures of kindness to loved ones, they'll soon find happiness again.


Highly sympathetic, Pisces deals with grief by looking out for others who are also grieving. They will go to great lengths to ensure everyone around them is happy and on a positive journey toward healing. Although they may be suffering, Pisces will always offer an ear to anyone who is hurting. Their heightened sense of emotional awareness really shows itself during times of grief. However, Pisces gets a sense of comfort in offering support to their loved ones, which in turn heals their own pain.

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