Perfect Holiday Destinations for Your Zodiac Sign

By Nataly Porter Oct 07, 2019
Planning your holidays can be a great idea considering the fact there are so many great holidays coming! However, stars say we’re all different and should make sure we the way we spend or celebrate a holiday suits our zodiac sign just right. Look through our holiday horoscope to check where you can head for next time!


New Zealand

Aries looks very close to Ares – the Greek god of war. People born under the sign are typically strong-willed and expect more of themselves. In most cases, these guys are bold, adventurous, highly ambitious, and passionate. Their families and friends are the people they care most about. Besides, Aries natives are good lovers whose sexual appetite is almost enormous! What they need from a good holiday are experience, luxury, and lots of activities. To find all these in one place, go to the South Island of New Zealand. Discoveries will wait for you there at every corner, and not only – white water rafting, long treks, and small aircraft flights won’t leave anyone indifferent.



Taureans are just like stubborn bulls their zodiac sign represents. Even the hardest physical or mental challenges are not so hard for them because their stamina is outstanding. These guys are materialistic, they appreciate the beauty and finer things a lot and have very deep emotions. On the other hand, Taurus reps are never greedy – on the contrary, they are always generous when it concerns money and gifts. When getting ready for a holiday, they should be the ones who plan everything. Things that you can’t do without during your trip include great scenery, gourmet food, and the latest gadgets. To satisfy all your needs and expectations, try Indonesia. Visit the jungles of Bali or arrange a boat trip to have a look at the huge Komodo Dragons.




Gemini is an air sign, which predetermines the type of personality those born under the sign have. These people are easily bored, rather intelligent, and fast in thinking. New interesting people impress Gemini natives a lot and they love to spend time communicating with them. Your perfect holiday has research as one of the main activities. Beach holiday is not for you – instead, try a try where you can meet new people, filled with different cultural phenomena, and constantly changing. It may not even be one place – choose a cruise and visit several great places in a comparatively short period. Rome, Athens, Vienna – all these history-and-culture-packed cities can be viewed in less than a week!



These little crabs love their home and family more than anything else in the world. You like nature, too, and want to spend time in a safe and secure environment. Cancerians enjoy seafood and wine, too. These people prefer to look for the best places to spend their holiday at somewhere close to their home, and almost always find such places! Trust your intuitions, dear Cancer, and it will help you find the right path! However, we recommend that you spend your next holiday at a rather uncommon place like Porto, Northern Portugal. Cobbled streets, amazing bridges, and true treasures of architecture – they can all be found there! Visit the amazing Douro valley, too, to taste the best wines in the region.




Leo guys are bold and daring; they enjoy staying in the spotlight and like it when they get what they want. They are loving and generous people who frequently become strong leaders. Keeping all these facts in mind we realize that such a person will hardly enjoy staying on a deserted island for long. Action, people around, and different kinds of entertainment are all they need and want. For your next holiday, try the USA and pay special attention to places like Boston or rural Berkshires. Boston will give you lots of opportunities to show yourself as you can try snow sports, skiing, and even kayaking there!



Virgo representatives are known for their high expectations of both themselves and those around them. They are usually very good in their careers, have special job-related skills other people may lack, and are never tired of seeking perfection. They like to analyze things and always want something more and something better. All these factors make Virgo reps good lovers, too. A perfect holiday for them is total relaxation; however, it doesn’t mean it should be spent on the beach. Nature and beauty are things they appreciate most in life – why not try Canada then? Travel by the Rocky Mountaineer train, visit Vancouver and enjoy distant communication with bale ages, bears, and ospreys.




Libra natives are all about balance. They work hard to create harmony both inside and outside and are more concentrated on the mental aspect of life, not physical. You strive for justice and equality and consider art and music the most important things in your life. Sensual Libras appreciate balance more than anything. You easily find a common language with new people and the same happens with new countries, too – you start feeling at home almost immediately when cross their borders. When planning a journey, make sure you’re going to travel slowly as it will give you lots of time to socialize. To spend your holiday best, you need to be surrounded by warm people and stay in warm places. Try Italy – Sicily or the Italian Lakes. The beauty of the scenery, people, and language won’t leave you indifferent.



In most cases, people want to see a Scorpio as their friend, not an enemy. These guys live their life to the fullest and feel as deep as no other sign can. Scorpios can boast of a high level of confidence and are normally passionate yet possessive lovers. No challenge will make them retreat. As Scorpio natives are highly complicated people who are easily bored and a bit lazier than others, their holiday destinations should be overly special. We suggest they should try Langkawi, Malaysia – an exceptional place that is filled with everything one can even think of, including jungles, beaches, monkeys, cycling activity and a lot more! This archipelago of 99 islands can offer you almost anything you can dream of, so choose it for your next trip and you won’t go wrong!



Sagittarians are half-men and half-horses that’s why they need a place where there are many beautiful and noble animals. For the whole of your life, they keep gathering information and have become true philosophers. Sagittarians are bright, read and know a lot, and are full of energy. These people are adventurous and exciting in both their real journeys and their bed ones. The high level of energy Sagittarians have makes them search for a type of holiday with endless possibilities. On the other hand, these possibilities shouldn’t be too evident as a Sag needs to look for them, not get them instantly. We recommend a safari in Botswana as a Sagittarius native can find everything he or she needs there. Animals can be met and viewed walking along the roads and the wildlife is brighter there than in any other place. Visit Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta for the most picturesque wildlife views in your life.



These guys surely don’t act the goat! To be happy, Capricorns need to spend more time at their happy home. These guys are usually fussy and dependable; they are good at solving problems and have a very pragmatic approach to planning which means they can become good travel angels. When planning their next journey, they never leave a thing to chance. Being successful organizers, Caps pack their trips in the way they pack their suitcases – fold activities, just as things, systematically. For demanding Capricorns, we recommend chic accommodation in the Caribbean. Think of something like the island of St Lucia with an astonishing view at the Piton Mountains and the marvelous ocean. Let this luxury give your brain some chill time!


The Seychelles

Aquarians are extravagant, ingenious, and like to socialize. They face no problems when making new friends and are quite smart. Besides, they’re all about humanitarianism and would be happy to save the planet or at least help it. To feel truly happy, they need just one thing – absolute freedom. Incurable optimists, they see only good things in everything only if it’s not cheesy or created by men. We recommend the Seychelles as a perfect holiday destination for those born under the sign. Even if the guys spend a lot of time close to the water and their island home, the bright star that is burning in them will prevent them from spending too much time on the beach. Watching the sunset, diving in the ocean, or snorkeling – these activities are just what Aquarians need!


the Maldives


Pisces are selfless creatures who hide in the anemones. They are more romantic and emotional than other signs but possess great wisdom, too. They are devoted to their close ones and don’t need any reward for this. Pisces need water more than others, too, so choosing a holiday destination they should keep it in mind that there is a sea nearby (or at least a lake). However, your plans for the holiday shouldn’t be too intense as those born under the sign need some time to reflect and absorb. We recommend the Maldives – the best option is to have a scuba diving course beforehand and enjoy a marvelous ocean filled with turtles and dolphins.

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