June Solstice: Start Your Summer Off Right

By Alice Anderson Jun 21, 2022
Summer tips and revelations are all here - check which of them will work best for you!

First and foremost,

Happy summer solstice!

For us who live north of the equator, the June solstice means that it’s time to celebrate the longest day of the year with its early dawn and pink sunset while for the Southern Hemisphere it marks the beginning of winter.

What does the word “solstice” really mean?




The word has two roots that can be interpreted as “the Sun that is standing still.” From June 20 to June 22 the position of the Sun to the Earth will remain almost the same which creates the illusion that the Sun ceases to rotate around the Earth.

In fact, it’s all about the Earth rather than about the Sun. Did you know that our planet’s tilt on its axis is the main reason for this astronomical phenomenon? Well, now you know it.

Come have a look through a telescope




The June solstice kicks off the season of the Crab that will last until July 22. At this very time, the Sun passes over the Tropic of Cancer to start its journey through the constellation of Cancer. 

Now and then, astronomers drop a bombshell when they announce that the constellations have changed their positions hence the zodiac signs have shifted as well. Or, when they welcome a new member - the sign of Ophiucus - to the zodiac family.

Any reasons to panic? Is it Cancer season? 

 Keep calm and enjoy Cancer season! There is a significant difference between astronomy and astrology. Yes, the astronomical constellations have indeed changed their positions but this has nothing to do with astrology that relies on the Tropical Zodiac system. The thing is that the Tropical Zodiac doesn’t take the axial precession of celestial bodies into consideration.

Created by Ptolemy in the second century A.D., the Tropical Zodiac is a circular path of the Sun as it is seen from the Earth and that is divided into twelve equal and static sections. When the Sun enters any of them it marks the beginning of a new season - Aries season, Taurus season, Gemini season, etc.

The Tropical Zodiac can by no means shift since it’s not influenced by the axial tilts of the Earth. Each and every year, the zodiac year starts on March, 21 when the spring equinox kicks off Aries season. So, happy summer solstice and Cancer season!

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Cancer season plus summer solstice, so what?



 In astrology, the Sun represents the masculine energy while Cancer ruled by the Moon embodies the feminine energy. This time is perfect for striking balance between the masculine and feminine energies in your life.

No need to tighten your grasp; on the contrary, it’s the time when you can become more empathetic and tolerant to the people around you.

On the other hand, in situations when you tend to show your soft side, the Sun’s energy will help you become more goal- and action-oriented. If you want to learn more about how astrology works, check out this.

The summer solstice also brings peace to your home and love life since during this period men and women don’t seem to be from different planets. Talk to each other more, take long walks, watch the sunset together to get the spark back to your relationship. Here's how to analyze and develop your relationship. 

How to celebrate?


Sun and mountains


Since the astronomical event is related to the Sun in the first place, how about building a campfire?

Okay then, all jokes aside. We recommend you to go to a picnic and have a romantic or family evening in front of the fire to honor the Sun. What location to choose? A river bank or a sandy beach to honor the water sign of Cancer, of course. (And for more romantic stuff, check out this read.)

Enjoy your June solstice and have a nice summer!

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