North Nodes and South Nodes: All About Your Past and Purpose

By Desi Rose Aug 24, 2021
Looking for the first step to who you were meant to be? Your North and South Node may just be the place to start your journey!

In astrology, the North and South Nodes are our lighthouses. They are our guides to who we were and who we are destined to become. While the South Node calls in all the things we have learned and developed from past lives, the North Node directs us toward what we are meant to learn and develop during this lifetime. 

The South Node

Beginning with the South Node, this placement in your astrological chart brings to life your comfort zone. The characteristics that you have honed over your lifetime and can do or be without thought or practice. It will typically be how you naturally develop as a child because these features are just something that you have. As we age, it may feel like we should follow them as a “passion” for work, relationships, family, or just life. We feel this because we are good at these things and have such an easy time with them that these would be our path. Do not fall for this! Our lives are about challenge, growth, and further development into the whole soul of ourselves. You have mastered the South Node meaning and characteristics. You have fought and won that battle already. It is time to move to the next round. So, while you gather all the already perfected parts of yourself, let's look forward to the next step. It is North Node that calls out what you need to develop in order to grow. 

Astrological North and South Nodes open your eyes to your path
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The North Node 

Your North Node meaning is what calls in your destiny. It is what you have not yet accomplished in your reincarnations and what you need to work on to become more fully yourself. This may seem magical and exciting, but this will definitely be a challenge for you. Think of this as training for a marathon. Do not attempt to run the whole race right away, or you will just find yourself running back to the comfort of your developed characteristics. This astrological placement pushes you toward a version of yourself that is far from your normal and will be potentially painful. While this journey can be difficult, the fulfillment and accomplishment you will feel on a very spiritual level is pure bliss. The North Node calls who you are out of your comfort zone, so many of us love and shine a light on who we have the potential to be. 

Become who  you were meant to be by learning your North and South Node
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Finding your Nodes is the key to that door to yourself you have wanted to open for so long. It is comfort and fear combined. Do not let the fear keep you snuggled up with your comfort, and do not let the comfort keep you so warm and relaxed you forget to face that fear. While there is work to be done, finding these placements for yourself offers the first steps in your journey! Go be the full-bodied, enlightened, complete self you have always dreamed of! Magical Travels! 

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