Halloween Tarot Prediction

By Nataly Porter Oct 22, 2023
This time, we've decided to combine a classic Tarot reading and your festive horoscope to make this prediction memorable! Which card will you pick this time, and what will it promise to you? Click on your sign below to get the answer!


Two of Wands 

Halloween party

Dear Aries, this Halloween will bring you all treats and no tricks at all! No matter what you decide to do – you will succeed in it anyway and will face no problems or obstacles. To have more fun during the holiday, couple with another Fire sign rep (Leo, Sagittarius, or another Aries person). Make sure you plan all your fun activities if you don’t want to get into a mess. All you will do alone or in a friendly company will turn out to be productive, so don’t be afraid and go for it!

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Dear Taurus, we know very well that going out is not your fave activity. You would rather stay at home, prepare a list of scary TV series and a couple of spooky snacks, and enjoy the night. The card you get – Temperance – proves the fact as it stands for balance and moderation in everything. So, what about just Netflix this year? Or could it be Netflix and chill? Both variants would suit you perfectly well this Halloween, provided you prepare for such a scary night beforehand!

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Three of Wands

Girls at a Halloween party

Dear Gemini, being one of the most social zodiac reps, you shouldn’t make this Halloween an exception. Join the company of your best friends and explore the local area looking for your next victims! However, make sure you only choose the people you like so as not to spoil the party for anyone. Your card proves that it will be fun to make a (comparatively) big crowd and wander the nearest streets looking for something special. And this thing can find you even at the very end of your stroll, so stay attentive not to miss it!

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Ace of Cups

Long ago, people used to believe that the wall between this and the other world was the thinnest on Halloween. That’s why this day (and night) is so favorable for predicting your love life and checking if there’s someone special waiting for you. Dear Cancer, your card suggests that a new love interest is entering your life. This person will probably belong to one of the Water signs, too – Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. You will both instantly fall in love with each other and won’t be able to stand against this feeling (and won’t even want to). When you see your person, you’ll realize it at once. No monsters are needed to make you scream – your perfect lover will do this instead! 

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Ace of Coins

Halloween fun

Dear Leo, this Halloween will give you many chances to make new friends. The card you get – Ace of Coins – predicts that you’ll meet some people who have great chances to stay in your life for long. What’s more, they will make your life brighter and happier, bringing luck and wealth into it! Look for these people among Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. To make the process of finding the right people a bit easier, try to be open and friendly (which is not a problem for you, actually) and go to a place where you can most likely meet someone new (like a café or a night club).

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The Hanged Man

Don’t worry, dear Virgo, that’s not about a scary event – that's more about your plans that won’t come true and other things stuck. For this Halloween, you’ll require not only Plan B but Plan C, too! Life has been turbulent lately, so make sure that no matter what the circumstances are, you have plenty of ideas in mind on how to change the situation. This foresight of yours is essential if you want your Halloween party to take place! 

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Two of Swords

3 beautiful Halloween girls

Dear Libra, you like to please people, and on this Halloween, this fact will “backfire” on you. You will get so many invitations to parties and so many company ideas to choose among that you’ll find it extremely hard to pick the right one. You have big chances to find yourself in a love triangle or being torn apart between two best friends of yours. In any case, you’ll be loved or desired by several people and will have to find a way out. Your task for the scary night is to be as clear as you can and let those attracted to you know who you’d choose. 


Knight of Cups

Dear Scorpio, your time has come! You’re known as one of the maddest and baddest zodiac reps; what’s more, the Halloween season is always your season, too. You are sure to become the King of the Queen of Darkness and will be received with great respect by all of your guests. It's you who will decide what this night is going to be like, and you’ll surely make it meet your scariest requirements. Don’t be shy (we believe you won’t) and use all the adventurous opportunities of Knight of Cups! 

Oh, and don't forget to make your Halloween costume absolutely spooktacular. See the scariest ideas here!



Halloween family

First and foremost, dear Sagittarius, relax. Death card never stands for actual death; it’s more about changes and transformations – and this is what you can expect on Halloween! An opportunity to become somebody else for one night will give you the voice you’ve always needed and help you feel more powerful. Dear Sag, don’t be afraid of expressing your inner self as this is something we all need from time to time! This Halloween, you’ll finally get this precious chance, and it will soon make you much happier.


Ten of Swords

Many people believe Halloween is a turning point of the year when summer is completely over, and the darkest period is coming. This is the day that encourages us to think of what we’ve achieved during the year and what we’ve failed to do. Dear Capricorn, this is what you need and what can make you feel a bit happier. Think of what you can leave in this hard year and what you need to take to the next one. Prepare a sheet of paper and a glass of water (to be on the safe side) and write all these things down. By doing this, you will get rid of the hard burdens torturing you and will feel happier and safer.


King of Cups

Funny Halloween girl

The card you’ve got, dear Aquarius, tells you that you need a love reading. You can ask a specialist to help you with this or just do it yourself. The thing is that the wall between the two worlds – our and the mystic one – is the thinnest during Halloween, and it would be so much easier for you to break it and get the answers you’ve been looking for. For the reading, you can use Tarot cards, a crystal ball, or even a pendulum (simple methods like a mirror would work here, too). Try different methods and techniques and choose the ones that suit you best. 



Dear Pisces, you’re so cute sometimes that other people believe they can walk over you and remain unpunished. This Halloween, talk to your alter ego, a tougher version of you, and let this scary villain help you stand against the emotional vampires torturing you! Don’t be afraid of showing your fangs as it will only prevent you from communicating with toxic people in the future. Let Halloween change your life for the better and learn from your own mistakes. 


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