Perfect Halloween Costume for Your Sign

By Nataly Porter Sep 30, 2020
You probably face one and the same challenge every October – what Halloween costume to choose to look properly and avoid being ridiculous or absurd. To make your Halloween outfit truly gorgeous, moderately scary, and incredibly attractive follow our special advice for every zodiac sign! Find your best personalized costume and feel terrifically fantastic this Halloween!


You’re always ready for new adventures and are constantly “on the go”. Choose a superhero costume this Halloween (it may be swashbuckling Superman or head-turning Super Girl) and you’re destined to be in the center of everybody’s attention. Another option is a costume of some brave lad or girl who isn’t afraid of tough fights – it can be a gladiator, a soldier, or even a matador.



You strive for comfort and adore retro-glam, and your Halloween costume should fit both these demands. Choose an iconic celebrity of the 1960s (take Audrey Hepburn, for example) and dress in his or her manner (all your need for Audrey costume is a little black dress, sunglasses, a pair of beautiful gloves, and a hat). Male costumes can be made in a similar manner – a handsome wizard or a famous actor.


Gemini is a symbol of twins, that’s why Halloween is a great chance for you to cooperate with your friend or relative and prepare wonderful twin costumes. Ideas can be totally different - a pair of Twinkies, Doublemint Twins, or Ying and Yang. You can also vote for the costume of a hero and his companion like Batman and Robin or Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson).


Cancers are well-known stay-at-homers and don’t like to move too far from their roots. That’s why the best choice for your Halloween costume would be the one reminding you of your native place or a national symbol like the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam. Use can also opt for internationally recognized symbols like the Eiffel Tower of Big Ben. Another variant would be the image of evil powers like the Evil Queen or a werewolf.


Leo is the king of the zodiac, and he enjoys his royal status a lot. Besides, they need much drama in both their lives and their Halloween costumes. You may turn your attention to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their adorable kids and dress up the whole family of yours, or choose the costume of unique and beautiful Grace Kelly who was both the Princess of Monaco and an iconic actress.


Elizabeth I

You’re an inborn intellectual who needs to add some historical touch to the Halloween costume. Take any historical figure from Queen Elizabeth I to Henry Ford – the result is sure to be stunning! Another idea is dressing up like some sexy secretary or a seductive nurse – this variant is totally unfailing. Men can choose the costume of a well-known detective like Hercule Poirot or Perry Mason.


Scales are your symbol, and justice is your second name. For a gorgeous Halloween party make a toga out of a bedsheet, take self-made scales, and present yourself as Lady Justice. You can also choose a couple’s themed costume that would also reflect your balanced nature and dress up like Julius Cesar and Cleopatra or Romeo and Juliet. Modern variants are possible, too! Try the images of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton or David and Victoria Beckham.



Scorpios are passionate and strong, they won’t accept the answer they don’t like, and can easily resort manipulation when it becomes unavoidable. They would never consent to being ruled by other people, and all these characteristics make them close to Cleopatra. Get a black wig or straighten your hair, heaps of costume jewelry, and dark eye makeup – the costume is ready! Your alter ego could also be Jack-O-Lantern, skeleton, or even the Devil himself!


You’re a well-known archer of the Zodiac, and you’re just destined to dress up like a character possession similar skills. Opt for the costume of Katniss from The Hunger Games or Merida from the Brave! For Katniss outlook just sweep your hair into a braid, and to become Merida find a curly red wig and a deep-blue Celtic dress. Robin Hood and Guru are the options for men. 


KISS band

Capricorns enjoy doing things by themselves, and you will of course want to prepare your Halloween costume from scratch. You don’t like spending extra money on unnecessary things, that’s why you’ll prefer to assemble your outfit with the things that can be easily found in your apartment. Face paint would also work just well, so there is a wonderful option for you to try! We could recommend costumes of a band member from KISS or Indira Gandhi for girls and the outlook of some spiritual leader or Nobel Prize Economist.


Aquarians are independent and free-spirited people who enjoy dressing up like flower children from the Summer of Love. Put on wide-leg jeans, straighten your hair, and put a headband around your head – voila! Men can choose original costumes from the Clockwork Orange.



Pisces may be extremely sensitive, but they make great friends! Their romantic nature and escapist tendencies often lead to a strong artistic side. Model your costume after daydreamers and creative spirits!

Spooktacular Halloween Party for Every Sign
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