Money Horoscope for taurus
Regardless of how you are being impacted by the shutdowns, Venus' return to your income sector over the weekend was not just a game changer but one with an extremely long shelf life. Venus is the planet of money and she works through the laws of attraction, so when she returns to your income sector each year she will attract income potential. This makes these some of the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year. The biggest problem with Venus' return over the weekend is that the world has changed and you might not have the options you otherwise would and in the 24 days that she will normally spend here there is unlikely to be too much change. Fortunately, Venus has not only returned with an army of professional support to help you through the coming months but she is here now until August. Had Venus moved through as she normally does the timing would not be good but she is here to support you through the next four months.
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