Money Horoscope for taurus
The Moon's return to your financial sector on Monday was always going to be one of its most important visits for the year, as all its first visits are. The Moon's first visit for the year is always a valuable chance to check in and get your first feel for this new financial year. However, what makes this first even more important is that the Moon returns to find Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos here for the first time in two years. When the Moon made its last visit for 2019 it was just before Christmas, the Sun and Jupiter had left and Mercury, in his final week was tying up loose ends. When the Moon left you were just days away from all planetary activity on the financial front running its course. So for the Moon to return for its first visit in 2020 to find that far from running their course money matters have caught their second wind will be cause for a rethink. Until leaving on Wednesday the Moon's financial instincts and imagination will merge with Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit.
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