Money Horoscope for taurus
This is a major transition week on the financial front, with Jupiter's departure in the first 48 hours of the week bringing you the end of a journey that began in November 2018. For the last 13 months, Jupiter has been expanding a sense of what's possible and having returned just months after a three year financial boot camp ended, has been a chance to put what you learned into practice. Together with Venus, whose departure last week has left you with your financial wish list updated, Jupiter leaves you your financial goals and ambitions updated. The biggest criticism directed at the planet of luck and expansion is that being a gaseous planet he is full of hot air, promising much but under delivering. However, that is exactly his mandate. It is the Sun, who is here for several more weeks, Mercury, who will return early next week and Mars in the New Year, that are charged with helping you to deliver on those promises.