Money Horoscope for taurus
While you begin the year with no planetary activity in either of your two money houses, something not experienced moving into any new month in 2019, this is more a firebreak. After Venus left your financial sector in late November, Jupiter early last month, the Sun just before Christmas and Mercury in the final days of 2019, even the money gods need a break. Because Mercury only left your financial sector on 29th December, this allowed you to end 2019 and begin 2020 with a smart head for money, a financial game plan and resolutions. It also means that for the first time since October 2018 you had a chance to take your money hat off and over the New Year step back and let things settle. This firebreak won't last long, with Mars returning to your financial sector on 3rd January. Only five days separate Mercury's departure late last month and Mars' return early this month, not long enough for a smart head for money to become rusty or for all the momentum and experienced banked to go off the boil. Yet it was the fact that those five days have fallen over the New Year that means you have had a chance to take a break.
It also means that Mars is able to return to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit and begin a mission to take your financial power back in a way that makes this part of this year and not your last financial year. Unlike your income sector, where the focus is on money coming in, your financial sector is more focused on what you do with and how you manage the money you have. With Mars here for six weeks, this really does create an opportunity to take your financial power back. Meanwhile, the Moon will make its first visit to your income sector for the year from 7th January to 9th January and not only coming full circle from last month's Full Moon but to find Venus, the planet of money in your career sector until 14th January, this could have lucrative implications. The Moon's first visit to your financial sector and first visit since Mars' return will bring a chance to check in from 20th January to 22nd January.
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