Money Horoscope for taurus
There is a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary happening on the financial front this month and part of what makes this extraordinary is that this is the month when the two come together. There are two ways to look at what is ordinary. The first is that the Sun will always end November in your financial sector, with the solar spotlight always turning onto your financial situation and money matters in a mundane way this month. With Venus and Mercury never too far away, this is the time of year when money matters do start coming onto your radar. Another way to look at the ordinary is in terms of what is ordinary for this year. Unlike other years Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion returned to your financial sector in November 2018 and has been here ever since, so the 'ordinary' has been having the planet of luck and expansion, the largest and most powerful planet in the solar system here, creating the potential for financial growth and expansion. This obviously is anything but ordinary, but it has been the default setting for this whole financial year. What makes this month extraordinary is this is when everything will start coming together, beginning with Venus' return to your financial sector on 2nd November. Two things make this a game changer. The first is that this will bring the planets of money and luck together and with Jupiter leaving early next month, this is the point when the end game begins, that of bringing things home. The second thing that makes this a game changer is that this is their second coming together here this year. Venus returned in January, aligned with Jupiter and left him to get on with his more long term mandate. Venus was part of setting those early intentions and she returns to help bring things home. By the time the Sun returns on 23rd November both Venus and Jupiter will not only be in their final days but just two days away from aligning. Whatever you have been working towards financially all year, this is the month when everything comes together in order to bring things home. Yet in reality you have until the early months of 2019 to exploit all the potential and to really take your financial power back.