Money Horoscope for taurus

Throughout 2021 the lunar nodes have been working to maintain a balance between your two money houses and therefore between money coming in and money going out. For much of the year, the balance has swung from one side of the financial fence to the other but there is a chance this month to finally find the right balance. At the start of the year, the balance of power was on the income side of the financial fence before Mars' return to your financial sector in March shifted it onto the other side of the fence. This began a period of planetary focus on money matters that only ended when Mercury left last month. Mercury's departure left the North Node on its own in your income sector while on the other side of the financial fence in the South Node still had the asteroid Juno keeping the focus on money matters. While not a major player, this put more weight on money matters. The only way to find that elusive balance between income and money matters that the lunar nodes have been striving for all year is to have another minor player return to your income sector to even the scales and that is exactly what you have. It was in the closing hours of July that the dwarf planet Ceres returned to your income sector, on a mission to redefine your income needs and priorities. Juno's direct turn in your financial sector on 3rd August will also ensure that just as income and money matters become more balanced, on both fronts you are now looking to the future. While Juno has spent months in retrograde motion, it was Mercury's retrograde phase in your income sector that kept him here that long, allowing you to look to the future but with 20/20 hindsight on both sides of the financial fence. One planet benefiting from having Ceres in your income sector is Venus, with the planet of money returning to your work sector on 16th August to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction.
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