Money Horoscope for sagittarius

By the time the Moon returns to your work sector midweek, Pluto has been in direct motion for just under two weeks but also there should be a quiet sense of confidence and a growing sense of anticipation. The Moon's monthly visits to your work sector will always see it form a friendly aspect to Pluto and this first visit since his direct turn will give you an intuitive sense that the tide really has turned. However, by the time the Moon leaves on Saturday a sense of anticipation should be stronger than ever, with Venus just two weeks away from your income sector by then. Even if Venus was returning for an ordinary visit that would have been the case but as your subconscious picks up on her approach it will recognise that something is up. That something is not just Venus' early approach but so early that instead of spending just 24 days here as she normally would, the planet of money will return early next month but won't leave until March.
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