Money Horoscope for sagittarius
There is a change of pace on the income front this month that is both easier and more productive. Both Saturn and Mars left your income sector in the last 10 days of March, taking the fastest and the slowest horses in the field out of the race. Mars was running a sprint and Saturn a marathon, leaving behind Jupiter and Pluto to maintain a steady pace. Pluto will turn retrograde on 26th April and Jupiter next month so both are slowing down. You also have the planets of luck and change aligned during the first six days of the month, bringing home the fact that they are both working in unison. Pluto is the planet of change and revolution and Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion but with Pluto here until 2024, Jupiter until December and both slowing down ahead of retrograde turns, they are both in this for the long haul. You no longer have Saturn demanding that you measure twice and cut once but then you no longer have Mars wanting everything to happen now. Until Venus leaves your work sector on 4th April she will continue to steer work and job matters in a lucrative direction, something the Sun will benefit from when he returns on 20th April and Mercury on 28th April. On both the income and job fronts this creates a month where there is every reason for confidence on the income and job fronts but with Uranus in your work sector until 2026, on both fronts the planets are playing a long game. What you don't have are the highs and lows or spikes but whatever your income situation or potential now, you can expect a slow and steady rise, before taking a sharp upward curve towards the end of the year. In today's economic climate, this is putting a protective bubble around you and especially around your income potential.
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