Money Horoscope for pisces
There is good news on both sides of the financial fence this week and it comes early enough in the week to put a positive spin on the rest of the week. The main bit of good news comes from Mars' departure from your financial sector on Tuesday and the win/win situation that will create. Mars' departure will leave you fired up and determined to take your financial power back while staying on for another 10 months Juno, queen of commitment will help you stick to your financial resolutions. However, Mars' departure will take the pressure off both planets in your income sector, while easing back financial pressure in general by taking away a constant need to be on your game. This will take away everything you don't need while leaving you with everything you do need. The other bit of good news is the Moon's return to your work sector on Monday and the boost in confidence and insight this will create across the income, work and career fronts.