Money Horoscope for pisces

The Moon makes an ordinary monthly visit to your income sector this week but with perfect timing. Returning on Wednesday, this will ensure your nose for money is sharpest during the second half of the working week but also just when you need it most. This is the Moon's first visit since the dwarf planet Eris turned retrograde here last week and Chiron a week earlier, with all the focus having shifted to the rear view mirror and to the doors now open to the past and second chances. The Moon also returns just as the asteroid Juno moves into her final days in retrograde motion in your career sector as there is a changing of the guard on the job front. The Moon will be here, sharpening your nose for money and acting as a trigger as the Sun spends his first full week in your work sector, as Mercury returns on Wednesday and Mars leaves on Friday. This will create positive conditions across the income, work and career fronts at a time when the dynamics are changing across all three fronts.
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