Money Horoscope for pisces
To begin with, it is business as usual on the income front, though in saying that, 'business as usual' is looking good. It is more that things are about to get a lot better. Eris, the dwarf planet that has been driving things on the income front for decades, only turned direct last month and with the Sun not returning until later next month, February is a chance to regroup and also for income forces to slowly strengthen and pick up speed. After five months in retrograde motion, it will take Eris and income matters awhile to pick up speed. Yet while any real advancement might seem a long way off to start with, with Mars in your career sector professional momentum is giving income potential a free ride. It is during Mars' final nine days in your career sector that income matters will not only catch an unexpected wave but for a few days things will come alive across the income, work and career fronts. It begins on 8th February, when within the space of just a few hours first Venus will return to your income sector and then the Moon to your work sector. However, this is no ordinary monthly visit, with the Moon returning to create a Full Moon on 9th February, just as Venus has returned to begin what could be some of the most lucrative weeks of 2020. With Mars leaving your career sector on 17th February, this will energise things across the income, work and career fronts. It is Venus' return that is the most surprising, as she will normally return with the Sun, who won't return until later next month. Last year Venus didn't return until 21st April, so this is early in the year to have the planet of money here. Yet Venus returns with perfect timing and while the Moon is only here for a few days and Mars will leave your career sector on 17th February, the income potential he returns to exploit, catches the perfect professional wave, one she can continue to ride.
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