Money Horoscope for pisces
Apart from an opposition between Mars and Eris on 9th/10th October, the majority of the tension between your two money houses is over and thanks to last month's Full Moon, any balance issues between money coming in and money going out have been thrashed out. However, while financial tension might be dialling back, apart from that one spike, a need for balance remains. For you, the main default in terms of where your financial focus is, is on the income side of the fence. With continuous planetary activity in your income sector for decades and for decades to come, there isn't a moment of any year where there is no planetary activity on the income front. On the other side of the financial fence, where in your financial sector the focus is more on what you do with the money you have, there are just a few months out of every year when the focus is here. As the planets move through they not only have to fight to wrestle attention off income matters, but oppositions between the two can create financial tension. This is what you experience last month and with Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos in your financial sector until 19th November, he will be fighting even harder to keep the focus on money matters. As well as fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit, Mars is on a mission to see you take your financial power back. What is reducing a need for competition is the fact that while both planets in your income sector are in retrograde motion, they are getting a massive boost from the professional activity this month. This will give you more access to the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped income potential with November, December and the early months of 2020 some potentially lucrative months. With Mars giving you the means to take your financial power back, apart from fighting for your attention, both sides of the financial fence are looking extremely good this month. Key to keeping any financial tension at bay is maintaining a balance between money coming in and money going out, at least until Mars leaves on 19th November.