Money Horoscope for pisces

The Sun's departure from your income sector on 20th April may have taken the solar spotlight off your income situation and matters and things may have even dialled back but not for long. Normally, this is the point in the financial year when the most active weeks of the year on the income front are over but with your options exposed and with more than enough momentum to keep the wheels turning. With the dwarf planet Eris in your income sector for decades now, things will never go completely off the boil and there will always be a willingness to fight for what you deserve. However, Eris' focus is more on the long haul and this is where the focus has shifted back to as you move into the new month. However, three separate and coincidental factors are set to change everything. The first is a consequence of something that happened late last year but is only now set to have lucrative implications. That event was Venus' retrograde turn, something that not only means that she is late to return to your income sector this year but her return on 3rd May will come with perfect timing. The second event happens eight days later when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion returns for the first time in over a decade.
The third happens on 25th May, when Mars will return for his first visit in over a decade. Any one of these three events would give income potential its second wind but with all three happening at the same time, makes this a game changing month. Not since 2011 have you had the planets of money, luck and war in your income sector and while Venus will leave on 29th May, with Mars here until July and Jupiter until October, this is just the start of not just the most lucrative months of 2022 but in over a decade. The Moon's return to your income sector from 25th May to 27th May will ensure your nose for money is sharp during the few days that Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all here at the same time. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity in your financial sector, the Moon will give you a chance to get a better read on money matters as it moves through from 12th May to 14th May.
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