Money Horoscope for libra

A slow start to the week on the financial front will transform into something a lot more game changing midweek. Whether it is the dwarf planet Ceres after her direct turn in your financial sector over the weekend or Uranus, in his final days in retrograde motion ahead of his direct turn here on Wednesday, both are at a standstill. Money matters aren't moving but it is not just Uranus' direct turn on Wednesday that changes that and instead, it is what happens just a few hours later that will not only energise both sides of the financial fence but keep them energised for the rest of the year. Within hours of Uranus' direct turn the North Node will return to your financial sector and its partner the South Node will return to your income sector, where they will stay for the next 18 months. As well as policing a balance between money coming in and money going out and creating a series of eclipses over the coming year, the lunar nodes will help to exploit potential on both sides of the financial fence.
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