Money Horoscope for libra
A combination of Mars' departure from your financial sector last Thursday and the Moon's from your income sector a day later has defused what may have been a tense few days on both sides of the financial fence. While Mars left before the Moon could clash, just being on the other side of the sky and drawing close to an opposition would have seen the heat rise, something that will have added fuel to Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit. Mars' departure defused the tension and with the Moon staying on, this was a chance to give income matters some much needed attention. The Moon has moved on but a friendly aspect to Uranus in your financial sector will not only restore your financial confidence but will add fuel to where this has already turned into motivation. The fact that the Moon goaded Mars in his final days in your financial sector has left you with a better sense of what you are fighting for and even more determined to take your financial power back.