Money Horoscope for libra

To begin with, it is business as usual on both sides of the financial fence or at least a continuation of last month and with no expectation of any radical or dramatic shifts. Yet that is exactly what will happen less than three weeks into the year. What business as usual looks like is that after Mars left your income sector last month there is no more planetary activity on the income side of the financial fence, with the money gods having shifted all their focus back onto money matters. Not only that, with Uranus in retrograde motion in your financial sector and the dwarf planet Ceres having retrograded back in last month, all the focus is on the past. That begins to change with Ceres' direct turn on 11th January, though her focus is less on the money and more on understanding your needs and priorities, which will soon prove to be a huge advantage. The Moon will make its first visit to your financial sector for the year from 11th January to 13th January, fuelling your financial instincts and imagination but with Ceres in direct but Uranus still in retrograde motion, in a way that brings the past, present and future into perspective.
It is just five days later that two events within the space of less than three hours will forever change the dynamics of this financial year. It happens on 19th January and begins with Uranus' direct turn in your financial sector. This is something that will finally take the focus off the rear view mirror while also giving money matters the green light. It is less than three hours later that the lunar nodes will return to your two money houses, the North Node to your financial sector and the South Node to your income sector. As well as policing a balance between money coming in and money going out over the next 18 months and determining where the eclipses of 2022 will fall, this will energise both sides of the financial fence while bringing income potential back into the game. There will be a chance to get a better read on the latter when the Moon makes its first visit to your income sector for the year from 25th January to 27th January.
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