monthly Money Horoscope for libra

While the Sun left your financial sector on 21st May, something that will always take the solar spotlight off your financial situation and money matters at this time each year, on the other side this will always leave you with a better understanding. The Sun is focused on 'what is' and during his month long visit it was all about having your eyes open and head out of the sand, bringing the kind of reality checks that allow for a fresh start. This has also given you a new starting point, something that this month you have a chance to build on from. That you start the month with Venus and Mercury in your financial sector is pure coincidence, as both should have been and gone by now as well. Instead, running behind schedule due to a retrograde turn last December, Venus is running late and the planet of money only returned in the closing days of May. Until leaving on 23rd June, Venus will work to fuel your financial confidence, update your expectations and bring the laws of attraction into play. Meanwhile, while Mercury did leave your financial sector at the end of April, a retrograde turn brought him back for a double dip visit last month, two days after the Sun left. Mercury is still in retrograde motion as we move into the new month and until turning direct on 3rd June this is a chance to spend time back at the drawing board. This allows you to begin the month with a smart head for money, 20/20 hindsight and a much better understanding of your financial situation and money matters. Mercury will leave on 14th June and Venus on 23rd June but with Mars returning early next month, this is all preparation for the chance he will bring to really take your financial power back. The Moon's return from 23rd June to 26th June will be a chance to check in just as Venus leaves. Meanwhile, the Moon will come full circle from last month's eclipsing Full Moon in your income sector from 11th June to 13th June, something that could have unexpected implications.
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