Money Horoscope for libra
The focus will always be on your financial situation and money matters at this time of year and at a bare minimum, this will begin when the Sun returns to your financial sector on 20th April. This is when the solar spotlight will always fall on your financial situation and money matters, the side of the financial fence where the focus is on what you do with and how you manage the money you have. When Uranus returned to your financial sector last year things changed because here until 2026, there is now continuous focus on money matters. However, Uranus works behind the scenes, quietly keeping things real and on track. It is when the faster moving planets move through that there is a spike in the amount of focus you put on money matters and also a chance in focus. Uranus is here until 2026 so has another six years to steer money matters in the right direction. Uranus will make sudden course corrections when he needs to and they can come as a pleasant or an unwelcome surprise, but for the most part, his focus is a steady arc. While the Sun won't turn the focus on your financial situation and money matters until 20th April, you begin the month with Venus here.
It is the 16 days from Venus' departure on 4th April to the Sun's return that acts as a firebreak and makes these two separate chapters, where neither can influence the other. Venus has returned to fuel your financial confidence, update your wish list and attract opportune financial outcomes. The Sun, when he returns will focus on keeping it real, demanding that you keep your eyes open and head out of the sand and that you deal with money matters in a realistic way. These chapters couldn't be more different and they need to be. Venus' job is not to keep it real. That's the Sun's job, freeing Venus to focus on the 'what' at the start of the month and the Sun and Mercury, who returns on 28th April with the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game, to focus on the 'when, where and how' by the end of the month.
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