weekly Money Horoscope for leo

The Moon's return to your income sector on Monday will be a mixed blessing or so it might seem at the time. In reality, this is going to empower both sides of the financial fence even though you might need to go through some turbulence first. On the one hand, as well as a chance to start the new working week with a sharp nose for money, this kicks off a pivotal few days across the income, work and career fronts. Even if this was an ordinary monthly visit, as the last before Pluto leaves your work sector and before Venus returns to your career sector this was going to be important. However, this begins the lead up to a Full Moon that will not only see the Moon clash with the Sun in your financial sector but will peak less than an hour before Saturn returns for the first time in three decades. This begins the most powerful three years for taking your financial power back in decades. The Moon will be gone by Wednesday taking any financial tension with it while leaving both sides of the financial fence empowered.