weekly Money Horoscope for leo

It is business as usual on the financial front this week, or at least that is the case to start with. It will be a different story by the end of the week, though with a journey to go through first. That journey begins when the Moon returns for its first visit to your financial sector for the year from Tuesday to Wednesday. While this is an ordinary monthly visit and the second since Jupiter left, it is the first since the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment left earlier in the month. When the Moon returns every four weeks this will fuel your financial instincts and imagination and bring a chance to become more emotionally and intuitively engaged and aware. However, with Jupiter and Juno gone this is the Moon's first visit while dreamy Neptune is on his own here in over a year and the last for another three years. This is a chance to fire up your imagination ahead of Venus' return on Friday, with the planets of money and dreams together by the end of the week.